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lotte pepero

Report | 06/17/2015 6:41 am

lotte pepero


Report | 10/08/2011 2:30 am


Random guy skipping across profiles.. :3 i love yours btw!
Epix Sky

Report | 06/25/2011 12:24 am

Epix Sky

Hmm, well i would rather chat with you on PS3 than here..
Its been like weeks since i last been on here.
My PSN ID is: Foxx-Kun
That ish a old account I made on my PSP a few years ago >__> Don't judge the name of it XD
Oh and.. Give me your PSN ID, idc if you barely get on. Better than on here, imo..
Reply back and add me on PS3 if you can. Make sure to let me know who you are before adding me x.x
Epix Sky

Report | 06/15/2011 6:16 pm

Epix Sky

I see. That really sucks somtimes. But also good.
You get to achieve your goals and/or dreams in the long run
Also.. I see.. Well, Do you have a PS3?
And MSN? (Forgot if i already asked if you have MSN or not x.x)
Epix Sky

Report | 06/05/2011 7:53 am

Epix Sky

Ah, so you already heard about the new Duke Nukem game XD
Yeah, it looks really defined and such a amazing Improvement. Kinda like how iD made a huge improvement from the old Doom games to Doom 3
Btw, sorry we haven't chatted much, my PC is currently having Another issue..
The MotherBoard is defected. So i'm currently on my iPod atm.
But I miss you buddeh ^^ also, on June 7'th ish my Birthday.. >.< Please wish me Happy Birthday..? Lol
I know.. I'm weird x.x i just want the people I care about to wish me happy birthday this time is all.
But other than that.. I had Preordered for F.3.A.R.
So im pretty anxious for that one as well this month XD
Idk if There is another way we can stay in contact, but i don't think Gaia would be a great option for me anymore.
Give me some ideas as to how we can find better ways to stay in contact more.
Well, reply back soon ^^
Epix Sky

Report | 04/23/2011 6:40 am

Epix Sky

Ooh!! Okii, I understand now!
Right after I read your comment last time and sent you a reply..I went to search up reviews for Portal 2..
And I actually found a forum on the IGN website for the game..
And the people were complaining about EXACTLY on what you just said.
No lie! They said the same thing about how short it was..And some was even complaining about the "Re-Play Value" of the game.
But Yeah..I don't think it would've bothered me. Seeing how there is MANY other games out there that is a hell alot more games shorter on the gameplay.
And besides..VALVE probably has alot of plans for the game in the near future.
More updates with new game features..Maps..And such. And the PC will most likely have alot of Updatable Mods and such.
So That type of thing doesn't/wouldn't bother me. And besides...There is Co-Op with a whole new campaign that differs from the Solo Campaign (So I heard..)
So it shouldn't be that bad to complain about with the "Short gameplay" issue.
And no need to apologize about the grammar =D
We all make mistakes. Even though I rather be more perfected on things >.<
And that was a fast reply. Was totally Unexpecting that XD
Epix Sky

Report | 04/21/2011 3:33 pm

Epix Sky

XD Hello back my love ;o
And I haven't bought nor Pre-ordered Portal 2.
I wanted toget it. To see how good it was. Since Ima VALVE fan all teh way.
But I'm sorry to let you down. XD
I haven't got much money to get anything..Things are kinda difficult now at my home..
But what is your thoughts on Portal 2?
Is it better than the Original?
And why would most people be mad? O.o
I would think it's a success..Unless VALVE made EA do the porting for the PS3 again like The Failed Orange Box on PS3...
EA sucks at porting for Consoles..Especially for Sony. Which pissed me off more than anything.
Was a let down.
But if the Fans are mad for all the console versions then..Idk why the hell would they be o.o
But..Explain in details o- o I'm kinda out of date with most recent stuff atm >.<
Sorreh XD
Epix Sky

Report | 04/10/2011 9:10 am

Epix Sky

Ohohoo XD
Well I feel Honored for some reason. > > And happy you I am that special of a friend to you. XD
And yay!! Large epic replies ftw! .w.
And wow, steak dinner? Really!? X3 Lol weirdo.
And I see, 4 years huh..? Hmm..How long would I have to be in a Tech school for Video Game Design?
That's what my dream is and I want to succeed..
Btw, I'm glad that my replies and our Convo gives you more motivation.
It does make me happy that we can talk about stuff that I am interested in and that we can relate to.
So I guess I feel the same as you =)
Epix Sky

Report | 04/03/2011 8:37 am

Epix Sky

Haha, Nice to see you being polite by asking please to ignore the re-post Lol XD
And really? You really really missed me? Or are you just saying that to have something to reply to and to just make me feel better?
And I see, how much longer do you have to do school for?
But yeah..It is sad that I couldn't get the PC. But eh..I'm waiting for F.3.A.R for the PS3..Hopefully that won't let my hopes down for that game.
The rest of my life huh..? Well Since I'm still still technically a teen/young adult..I get my days where I think alot..
That can sometimes lead to depressions..Depending on what it is my mind is on..
And then I get days where I am trying to change myself..(as a better person) and trying to get some motivation to find where to move to and determine how I want to live out my life..
Seeing I'm already at that age where I should be making active decisions already for my life..
But I guess I'm just unstable about my life so far..Unable to figure out much about me..
It's been like about 4-5 years nonstop with this "trying to find myself" and "making changes" and such.. I sometimes feel like I'm not getting anywhere.
Maybe it has to do with the Lack of trust I have towards people..
But in a way I can't help that..I think it's because I'm traumatized with the whole trust thing..
I had bad experiences..Just like anybody else.
But in my case..It has been multiple times.. And not minor ones too..
So because the Trust issue..I can never expect to rely on much people for help..Not even much..More like NONE..
That's how my Mentality is set basically..
Well I sometimes trust certain people through..Don't get me wrong..Like maybe a couple of people.
I guess you're on that list..Seeing how there isn't anything wrong with you.
You make so much sense also I can relate with you a hell alot more compared to most of my ignorant friends.
But eh, I'm not some emo fad wannabe kid. I still try to do my best and never give up. =)
Sorry again for this long long long..Looooong reply.
I'm sure you love my long replies though. And if you don't..Too bad buddeh >;3
Epix Sky

Report | 03/29/2011 7:44 am

Epix Sky

Hey!! Has been a while. I missed you btw =)
How have you been?
And hey guess what??
I got so much to talk to you about and stuff to chat with you with.
But first..I GOT CRYSIS 2!!! And beat it already of course like a few days ago. But the sad part..I had got the PS3 port..
I wish I could've got the PC version..But my PC isn't upgraded to meet the recommended requirements for that game yet..
So I was SOL and had to get the PS3 Port (which is actually really decent and was quite something I wasn't expecting for a Console FPS game.)
And I know your Japanese..So you should already know this word and probably already knew I am it..But I learned what a Otaku is..And I'm a Otaku for sure..
Some people is proud of it..While other adults think it's a waste of my life time..But overall..I don't give a s**t. XD
Despite I'm 18 and obsessed with Video Games, Manga's (including some American Comics Like Marvel, Dark Horse, and DC) and Anime..
But yeah I am glad that I have the type of personality where I can block out people I dislike and that always has some stupid nonsense that Idc about. =D
And once again sorry for typing so much..Has been a while and you may not think so, but I kinda think of you as a good friend, despite that we never met in person.


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