Ecouter et Repetez!

Please don't read this Bio, I wrote it when I was 14 and it is super embarrassing. I'm only keeping it here so I can look back and remember how gross I was in middle school.

Hey reader of this page!
Hows the day going?
Oh, well I'm having a great day!
Oh, and nice skinny jeans, 2008 dweller!

Sorry, I had to...
Anyway, Hey! I'm Logan and this is my gaia profile page, (As I'd assume you'd know...)
So, I must say, life gets much better if you will just let it! I, like most of the teens across america really got into that whole scene/emo trend back in like 2008-2010. I have no idea, but first skinny jeans went into style and soon all the kids started dying hair crazy colors, wearing all black or all neon, and wore dark makeup. And, although it seemed pretty cool, is was depressing! I mean, dressing that way was one thing, but then it became the big way of life! I got sick of it in october 2010. So, thats out! Now I must say, looking back, I think scene queens are unattractive, and so are those emo clothes everyone used to wear.
So, I came to school with my hair dyed light brown instead of pitch black (light brown is my natural color), in basketball shorts, a nike T-Shirt, white knee socks, and converse hightops with the word hello world written on them. And everyone was shocked! Just the day before no one had ever seen me in shorts since 5th grade! I went to second period and saw an add for cheerleading/school mascot tryouts and signed up! Next i saw the drama club meeting after school, and joined it! Now I know that with the right attitude anything can change! I am now the varsity cheerleading/football mascot, a president in the drama club, and friends with all of the popular kids that used to bully "That weird emo kid." Life is much easier when you look at things in a positive way, I forgave those kids I wanted to hurt, and am making a better person out of myself!
What will I do next? Well, when the day comes, I will change everything about me. What can I say? I love change!

So... Um anyway, what about you?