I've been here in Gaia for a month and I can say, I enjoyed it so much. Meeting new people who are nice and friendly. =3

My pofile's theme is under construction so this will be it's looks for now. (;

Let me state fast facts about me ::

Please do call me by my username Citrine or Fire -whatever you prefer. My name is only known by my close friends here in Gaia.

I live in Philippines. I'm a pure blood Filipina and proud of it.

I'm friendly and nice. I am very warm when it comes in meeting new people. I try to be down-to-earth and humble to those arrogant people here in Gaia (Oh we all know there are a lots of them here). But if you're really mean, I'll be mean and freak to you too. Don't push me. (;

I hate debates, conflicts, war, and the likes. As much as possible, I don't want to get involved with those kind of matter.

I love appreciating things. I can appreciate even the smallest thing done by others for me. =3

I love pretty and cute stuffs. So what I'm collecting here in Gaia is anything I will love too. I don't care if it's rare, common, or what. : D

I LOVE THIS :: November 9, 2OO9.

My ever "kulit" friend just engaged herself to be my fashion designer && make-up artist [YEA. Let me coined it that way], aka Tektek artist. heart

heart Seraphine heart

Harm her, or I'll bite you! >=D haha. Kidding. This is just our little game since I can't open tektek when I needed it most. So there 'ya go. Love you, sweetie. Thank you. =)

One more thing, I DO ARTS! An avatar art, here in Gaiaonline. Here's my sample :: Click me.

It's uhm..made in MS Paint. I'm can draw well in hand, but not really well in computers. I can improve if you would let me. : D

The one I drew in that art in my best friend, Seraphine. (: Look at her avatar right now and compare! See what else I must improve or what. I will love to hear it from you (your comments, suggestions, and all that).

PM me if you want an art. I'll decide if it's free or not. D:

So yea. I'm now about this step out this "about me" preferences to meet new people. Yay. whee


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cool avi

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I miss you, too.

By the way, have you heard Heariah's update? :3

She's willing to make a new forum once she have her laptop with her. ^.~

REUNION~ ^_________^ Will you join? (:

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i'm on your featured...!