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Hey! The name's Drew. I'm addicted to marshmallows (gotta have my bag of 'em at all times) 'cuz they remind me of simpler times. For boring things: I'm always hanging out with my friends, 'cuz there's nothing to do in my small hometown of Lusby MD. I'm a history buff, making me kinda geeky, but I've got friends like me and it's easier to survive. My addictions: marshmallows, my computer, and my books. Much love to the gang, and I'll see ya around.


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Worthless Vampire Report | 07/26/2008 4:02 pm
welll i broke up with my bf u,u and hows are u ive missed u!!!!!!
Worthless Vampire Report | 05/23/2008 5:57 pm
can u text me?
xXxCoRnUtsxXx Report | 03/21/2008 12:31 pm
thank you that's very sweet =]
xXxCoRnUtsxXx Report | 03/04/2008 3:35 pm
Im sort fa ne too my face is clear im chubby but not ft and i listen t loof musicad watch a lot of t.v. and movies =] *_*
Worthless Vampire Report | 02/26/2008 2:42 pm
soorrry about that its cuz i dont have internet anymore at home so i go to the libery :/ yup im a dork lol XD how are you :3 ?
xXxCoRnUtsxXx Report | 12/25/2007 12:40 pm
What do you mean by nerd?? There are many different kinds of nerds....that I know of.
xXxCoRnUtsxXx Report | 12/13/2007 1:20 pm
Thanxs I really appriciate that.

So tell me about yourself, why is ma BFF interested beacuse if she is than so am I.

Not to bring on any wierd conversation. 0_o teehe.
xXxCoRnUtsxXx Report | 12/10/2007 4:08 pm
Good then we understand each we can get to know each other.

and thaxs i really do care lotzzzz!!! about her.
Worthless Vampire Report | 12/08/2007 1:04 pm
o.o my friend very funny XD its crazy 4 reals awwwwwwwww

i never seen snow before :'/

dose it tast good ? : D
xXxCoRnUtsxXx Report | 12/05/2007 4:09 pm
Hey im Worthless Vampire's BFF and if your her friend then you gotta be ma friend !! JK. Anyway i requested you as a friend because if you ever hurt her i will kill U...JK!!!! seriously though add me i care about ma friends and she is like a SISTER 2 me so watch your back and what you do....or say....Bye.0_o>=}



I tried sniffing coke once, but the ice cubes stuck in my nose