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Hi! My name is cinnamon-bear and I like to become a great sorceress or a heroin. Then again...I don't know if I will ever make either of my dreams come true.


Where in the net is cinnamon-bear?

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Birthday: 02/24/1987

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Aisha One Report | 11/30/2016 9:11 am
Aisha One
Thanks for shopping
Glyphicz Report | 06/11/2014 2:00 pm
Hey! Uhh... I think we met playing Jigsaw puzzles or in towns I can't remember but I remember it was the same night. Do me a flavor... Update your wish list smile I'm spreading my wealth today.
mast3r frodo Report | 07/20/2013 12:10 am
mast3r frodo
thanks for picking muah! blaugh whee 3nodding biggrin
brotherbird Report | 07/25/2012 7:08 am
Hey remember me!? I haven't been on in awhile but I just wanted to drop by to say hey and see how you were doing!
Quenthal Report | 07/01/2012 5:33 pm

Hello Cinnamon, I am the Captain of Undergaia. I noticed you haven't been around, and I wanted to check up on you to make sure everything was ok.

XxcidashixangelxX Report | 03/29/2012 6:36 pm
We are fine. i just wish he come home soon. He's working on a job and can't come back till it's done.
XxcidashixangelxX Report | 03/28/2012 9:35 pm
Thanks. Any are you and your new boyfriend doing?
XxcidashixangelxX Report | 03/27/2012 7:43 pm
lol Okay.
XxcidashixangelxX Report | 03/26/2012 8:43 pm
Boxes, please.
Valkeryia Report | 02/16/2012 9:26 pm
Thankies for teh buy! Please come again razz