"Have a heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires and a touch that never hurts." User Image

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Simple-minded, overly friendly, loving, and loyal.
Emotional, cautious, trust issues, and I dislike most people.
That's just a small list of some negative/positive aspects of me. There's obviously more, but those seem to be the most important ones.
As far as you need to know without asking; my name is Jacquie, I'm twenty-two. I reside on Long Island; don't know where it is? It's located right near New York. Yep, that tiny little nothing is my home. Way too populated for it's size if you ask me.
A few things I love are water, swimming, drawing, anime, playing MMOs, Star Wars, Pokemon, my feathery little fiend, Dole and my retarded puppy - Brandi -. Music is another thing I love, its honestly one of the few things that keeps me sane. I listen to just about anything that catches my interest. Awolnation, Anberlin, ADTR, Breathe Carolina, and Rise Against make me smile most. User Image

You can find me on Towns more often than I'd like to be. Mostly hovering around the Lez/Gay, Slave topics. If not, then the most populated one there.
Rally on my bored days, forums on my off days.
Every other time? Pretty much spent watching anime, or playing MMOs. Wanna know which? Go ahead and ask, I'd love some company. ~



Currently playing: Volcano - Emily Hearn