ummm....Blah blah blah...!!! without any music the world is like blehh and empty and just wayy too quiet.
ALSO IT'D BE REALLY GR8 IF U TAPPED MY AQUARIUM!!! my head is past the clouds and lost somewhere in space!!
live laugh love is the phrase.
and i get plenty of laughing in so if you know me im known for laughing and smiling wayyy too muchh.
don't ask me why, but i think sheep are amazing (along with my best friend, B)
im also in LOVE with penguins!!! (GERSON, you copycat!!!!!)
Lemons are pretty cool too, despite the collective hate towards them, I lovee them!!!
i just recently discovered that i love lime wayyy more than i love lemons cus u get to make this face : >.<!!!!
i believe you should love ppl and use things, don't love things and use ppl!! (it's just wrong and it makes u look bad XDDD)
i'm in love with the idea of embarrassing myself just to get one smile out of someone (that includes and I quote: singing, hurting myself [self-mutilation, emo: it hurts so good!! lol jp jp], making random noises, randomly shouting "dancing penguins!!" when sum1 is down in the dumps, i can make really good [almost realistic] sheep noises so I do that, too, etc.)
So yea, I'm pretty much the most boring person in the universe, sooo, if you value ur sanity, STAY AWAYY!! biggrin
giving up doesn't always mean that ur weak, sometimes it just means that ur strong enough to let go ^.^
also, i'm Darth Vader, FEAR ME!!!
but no, im not ur father (unless ur name is Luke) XDDDDD
i'm also not into peer pressure so shut up about the drugs, beer, smoking, etc. it's lame.!! and NO! i won't send u pics of myself, idiot!
i'm also not afraid to stand up for myself so i may be tiny but i'm very mighty just like a chihuahua!!! lol!!!
i'd rather be hated for who i am then loved for who i'm not.
haha, also i'm a ninja [but u didn't hear it from me, or i'd have to kill u. seriously.] gtmbnorlol translation: giggling to myself becus no one really laughs out loud XDDD
stay happy or i'll find you. no seriously. i'm standing right behind you...

....made you look that's how ninja i am!!! XDDD!!!
smile && know that †Jesus† loves you ♥!!

P.s. Gaby has a PHEONIX...no matter what he says >.< lol!!!


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MC Dark Ninja

Report | 07/17/2009 2:44 pm

MC Dark Ninja

uhm no he never told me sad
MC Dark Ninja

Report | 07/13/2009 5:15 pm

MC Dark Ninja

haha thanks ur like the only one on gaia who sent me something bout it smile

Report | 04/23/2009 9:02 pm


awright! ^_^

Report | 04/21/2009 8:15 am


you got my phone taken away
and they wouldnt let me get it back TT~TT

MC Dark Ninja

Report | 04/14/2009 7:00 pm

MC Dark Ninja

ur so negative...

Report | 04/07/2009 3:24 pm


cool page were can we meet at it is me poet boy not real username
Tainted Ninja Wolf

Report | 03/31/2009 6:16 pm

Tainted Ninja Wolf

Well hey I been in trouble but thx for the coplmaint

Report | 03/31/2009 4:07 pm


hahaha niiice XD

hay, how do you put a playlist on
your profile? razz

Report | 03/31/2009 3:47 pm


that would be tyler

Report | 03/31/2009 3:45 pm


fine i'll prove it.
i sit next to you in B3 honors POLS
and commented on you perfume that smelled like skittles.
and my nightmare before xmas cologne that smells like vanila and fruit loops

oh and tyler gave me your e-mail adress
so i just used that instead of asking raven


Darth Vader