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Divine Cross

Perfection can only be achieved when the four accomplishments are mastered: mind, body, heart, and soul. Those who follow the Path of the Divine Cross seek the power behind these four disciplines, knowing that their proficiency can pave the way for victory. It is said that the first practitioner of the Divine Cross was the progenitor god - and his mastery of these disciplines allowed him to create all that we know.

The Arts

Art: Body

This technique draws upon the strength of the Body, unleashing its power in one heavy strike. This Art can shatter boulders and dent steel with the power of its single blow.

Art: Mind

This technique allows one to project one's mind as a shield, manifesting itself on the chosen arm. This shield is weightless and floats close to the arm, moving along with it. This Art can absorb a few strong blows before dispelling. This Art cannot defend against ethereal attacks.

Art: Soul

Focusing on the meaning to cut, this technique allows one to touch the untouchable. Spirits and otherwordly beings can be harmed when the blade is infused with Art: Soul. This Art is only limited to one strike per use.

Art: Heart

This technique draws upon one's inner strength and resolve, channeling it into the art of offense. By stringing constant offensive strikes together, the Art will continuously double the power of the next strike over and over. With repeated uses, the Art of Heart can easily exceed the Art of Body in sheer power. However, if the user is forced to enter a defensive mindset and physically block with the blade or retreats from melee range, the power accrued from Art: Heart dispels. Additionally, this technique has an immense stamina cost to initiate - it is rare for a user to be able to use this art twice in a row.

The Revelations

Revelation: Mind

The 1st Stage of Mind. This revelation removes the perceptual limitations of the mind, boosting one's reaction time.

Revelation: Body

The 1st Stage of Body. This revelation increases both the strength and hardiness of one's body. It turns the user into a human juggernaut, able to shrug off blows that would normally debilitate them. This Revelation has its limits in terms of how much damage the user can take though.

Revelation: Soul

The 1st Stage of Soul. This revelation grants the supernatural perception known as "Feeling." By sensing the flow of chaos and order around their person, one can easily perceive and dodge blows while retaliating with precise accurate strikes of one's own. This Revelation heavily drains the concentration of the user, limiting it to only three second bursts.

Revelation: Heart

The 1st Stage of Heart. This revelation increases the vitality of the user, charging them temporarily with increased focus. Charged with the strength of emotion, the wielder becomes a tempest, feeding on the heat of battle.





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