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Poetry smile

Long ago...
Underneath mountains of ancient rock,
Behind roaring waterfalls of crystal liquid,
Through skies of majestic vastness...

Flew the dragon.

They, bold and massive, ruled the Land.
They, glowing with the aura of Immortality,
wielded magicks beyond the understanding of any wizard.

One day, they vanished from reality.

No more mountains to claim,
No more waterfalls to lurk behind,
No more skies to master in effortless flight,
No more fiery flame or endless wisdom.

they were forgotten.

Twisted into myth, these creatures of,
Power faded into despair, only in books,
Were they're magnificence seen.

Today, the dragons,
have returned.

Out of the ashes of humankind,
From the depths of Earth's boiling core,
They are reborn.

Corrupted lands,
will be saved.

Nature will rule again,
sprouting out from between,
the sidewalks of human dwellings.

Looming over high-rise buildings,
Devouring the city into oblivion;
creatures roaming the night,
children are prey,
this is what you asked for,
so do not be afraid.

Magic will return,
and we will thrive in it's riches.

We are the beings that never were.



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xXHeart_GraceXx Report | 09/28/2012 11:09 pm
WOW!! 300+ OAO that's f-ing amazing dude! Ours only last for 100+ sad
xXHeart_GraceXx Report | 09/28/2012 10:28 pm
Does it work out perfectly O_Oa
xXHeart_GraceXx Report | 09/28/2012 9:31 am
Huh~ Way different from mine XD
We just write something in a RP form, and we just continue commenting in short, not paragraph forms
xXHeart_GraceXx Report | 09/28/2012 1:19 am
I dunno why~ How does FB rp works? I've been in so many, they all just xp ya know XD
xXHeart_GraceXx Report | 09/27/2012 7:35 am
Aww~ Man~ Dang, thought it was Gaia XD
xXHeart_GraceXx Report | 09/27/2012 5:01 am
Dude! I want some! What kinda guild?
xXHeart_GraceXx Report | 09/27/2012 4:39 am
So~ Do you still RP these days?
xXHeart_GraceXx Report | 09/27/2012 4:01 am
Aww~ I didn't mean to hurt chu crying
xXHeart_GraceXx Report | 09/26/2012 2:14 am
Tears of blood O_O... *licks it* eek
xXHeart_GraceXx Report | 09/25/2012 7:39 am
*Poof out again* ninja A demon who's crying... Hm~ Interesting.


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