I'm not sure what to put here, I write some, so maybe I'll put a section of one of my stories in here...

The moonlight seemed to stroke her face as they rowed beanth the branches, the water quietly sifting beneath the boat. Even though he felt badly for her, there was no turning back now. He still couldn't believe he'd been dragged into this, this crazy idea to kidnap the princess of Trivanna, the most beatiful woman to have ever walked in all of Isska.

He grasped at his sword, feeling that danger was present somewhere in this dark river-like swamp. Even though the princess glanced at him, she didn't bother to ask what was wrong. He supposed he couldn't blame her, if something bad was going to happen at this point, it didn't much matter. The worst had already come to pass for her.

It was then that he noticed them, creeping shadows above them in the trees, silently following them. Gaven narrowed his eyes, daring them to come furthur down and fight him. The only reason they wouldn't was because he bore the mark upon his right hand. They still feared it and rightfully so.

Within Gaven's hands were the souls of all those he killed, trapped in an eternity of a nothingless void. He'd often wanted to cut his hand off, because he felt their presence every day, but for his sister, his distant mother, he kept his hand, in order to protect them from suffering the same fate they had with his father.

"They're not going to hurt us," Gaven said calmly, "They're just onlookers, they won't do much good once we reach the dry lands. They can't survive without a damp place to cling to,"

The princess still didn't answer. Gaven rolled up his sleeves and kept rowing. Unless those creatures wanted to be sucked into the void of his hand, they'd stay clear of causing any trouble with him. Sadly, more trouble awaited him than what he wanted to openly admit.

Irin and the others were left behind and if they made it back to the hide out safe and sound, he intended to fully chew them up one side and down the other. The mission had been suicidal, even if it was for the good of the country. The only bad part was that Trivanna would go to war not knowing wither or not their last heir to the throne was safe or not.

Gaven sighed, soon, very soon, they'd reach the water gates and beyond that was Syriva, a safe haven for the princess. It wouldn't be safe much longer, however, if Damnicus kept coming on as strong as they had been. How they'd raised such an army in so short a time...was absolutely beyond human power, of that much, Gaven was certain.

Well, there you go. Hope you're happy.


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Great profile!
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Awh, thank you! User Image I just like creating. Drawing and writing are good outlets for me, so, I get a lot of practice.

I read your little short. It was beautiful! I'd love to read a book if it was written like that... it's actually very original, and even though it's fantasy-esque it's not convoluted or filled with too many complicated names or foreign concepts. The characters seem to have a lot of potential, too. I'd definitely like to read more of your writing.

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thanx u 2

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I just love this profile, Gaara is so cool! Especially now! (Nice story, too, by the by)