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Who Am I?

// Hello reader. I am, obviously, Chris in Distinction. Feel free to call me Chris.

I am 16.
I am a male.
I am an asian, Chinese to be specific.
I speak English and somewhat fluent Mandarin Chinese. Currently learning Spanish, as well.
I am relatively shy, but if I get to know you and talk to you for a while, I become spastic.
I don't play competitive sports at the moment. I used to play soccer, tennis, and I used to swim.
I'm usually nice, but if I feel angry, volcanoes erupt.
I enjoy abusing people random sh*t.
I love the booty donations.
I love artwork, so give me some.

I hate annoying people.
I dislike ____

I am the guild-owner of Essentially Everything.

I don't accept friend requests from strangers.

Thanks for wasting your time on the wall of text above.


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Noir Rayne Report | 01/29/2014 11:31 pm
Noir Rayne
I'm glad you noticed...
Noir Rayne Report | 01/29/2014 6:21 pm
Noir Rayne
i c u.
shika-kun-2012 Report | 04/30/2013 3:37 pm
lol ok, thanks :3
shika-kun-2012 Report | 04/29/2013 12:58 pm
Sorry dude for advertising on your forum for an RP guild when you said you don't know how to RP sweatdrop You still seemed pretty cool though and should give it a shot sometime.
Declinable Report | 03/18/2013 9:54 am
Red-Zan Report | 03/16/2013 4:23 pm
I meant the avatar you are using right looks great even though as you said you threw it together biggrin
I see, will your dream avatar also be a sexy god/man?
Just asking, mostly guys I have seen who makes a sexy dude are often into other guys...are you flirting with girls or boys?...or both?
RP wise I mean, oh now I forgot if you profile did mention some of this (Im up kinda late installing the new expansion for starcraft 2)
Deeper Th0t Report | 03/16/2013 10:57 am
Deeper Th0t
Sorry about that. I was adding people and I added you
Red-Zan Report | 03/16/2013 1:15 am
Your avatar's style is great biggrin
Is he some kind of God or maybe a powerful warrior or monk?
Mine? ...this is just a temporal outfit, necromancer out on a walk smile
xaiisu Report | 03/14/2012 8:47 am
xaiisu Report | 03/03/2012 7:38 pm

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