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Koyo Hibiki Report | 02/01/2016 8:26 am
Koyo Hibiki
naruto the leaf ninja1 Report | 12/05/2014 6:45 pm
naruto the leaf ninja1
where have you been? i miss you crying
naruto the leaf ninja1 Report | 09/12/2014 8:56 pm
naruto the leaf ninja1
happy birthday heart miss you
- Jywin - Report | 11/02/2013 12:22 pm
- Jywin -
This is Dark Agitario lX, That account got hacked this is my new account.
wandering loner Report | 09/10/2013 9:45 pm
wandering loner
Guez Whu Report | 09/09/2013 4:38 am
Guez Whu
ᘐᘎᗴᔓᔓ૪ ᔕᗩ૪ᔕ:
☕ Happy Advanced birthday! :>
Enjoy your birthday week! >u<
Roxas20242 Report | 06/14/2012 3:58 pm
Roxas20242 Report | 06/14/2012 3:45 pm
oh k but y u got say that all G LIKE
Roxas20242 Report | 06/12/2012 8:33 pm
hey ^^ - old rp teacher/mother - i kinda miss u- srry for wat i did - hope we can still talk ^^
iEnigma Report | 05/15/2012 8:52 pm
np biggrin biggrin


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Birthday: 09/12/1991


i'm a kid that likes computers and japanese cartooning (aka Anime) i have friends but we hardly hang out and i never get asked over any more because my love for Gaia, for people to really know me they would have to role play or chat with me for a while; the friends i have in common are really high at the top of my friends list. plus im getting married to the love of my life.

naruto the leaf ninja1
Drocell the Puppet Maker
mew mew214
Director Aaron Vicious
Mister Pointy

we are chosen_but_forgotten's role playing crew

gaia daughter

gaia older brother
aka family learder

other gaia older brother


chosen's role playing crew

gaia bigest brother/
part of role play crew

i'm baku oniisan

this is chosen's gaia/real life familyi'm dark oniisan suma

im chosen_but_ forgotens only daughter

i'm mingen oniisan

another gaia big brother

im mister oniisanhurt my sis and ur dead