I'm baaaaaack!
Finally, after months of staying away, I've decided to come back to Gaia. There's been a few changes-some good and some bad-but I hope the new year isn't nearly as chaotic as 2009 haas been. First of all, I'm applying to 3 colleges/universities this month. Umass Dartmouth (first choice), Salem State (another favorite) and NC State. I'm planning on majoring in Marine Biology, or Marine Sciences, as it's also called. Or if I get into Umass or Salem, I'll be majoring in Bio with a spelciaty or "concentration" in Marine Biology.
I'm doing my senior project (a year-long project that I need to pass in order to graduate) on how ancient Egypt is portrayed in fiction and how accurately it's depicted. Really excited about that-I'm a /huge/ fan of ancient Egypt. I'm also obssessed with the Vampire Chronicles right now-Louis and Lestat are my favorites! Armand too, but...he kind of creeps me out sometimes. 0.o