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Don't understand why? Go see the movie.

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::~::Me In General::~::
Well, to start off I'm a

I'm 17

I am a Senior in high-school this year. Booya! Upperclassman!

My life consists of a combination of anime,art,horses,my friends,reading,my family,cosplay,and my pets. All of these are important to me.

I have lost all faith in religion. Got a problem with that? You can shove it up your a**. We have the right to choose what we believe in, and I'm tired of all these so-called "christians" telling me that God hates me and that I'm going to hell. I go through this s**t everyday at school and I don't need it from you.

My favorite color is orange. You can thank my undying and everlasting obsession with Kyou Sohma for this. He'll always be my number one favorite anime guy, and it's been that way since 5th grade mother ********!

I love my friends. Each and every one of them are special to me and I feel that I am the luckiest person in the world to have them. And don't mess with them. Got it memorized? Peace guys! heart

I'm a softy for animals of any kind. I have: 1 parakeet (Sora), 2 cockatiels (Roxanne and Remy), 2 Finches (Farnesworth and Felicity), 2 cats (Tilly and Kitry), and 1 fish (Light Fish). And on the side I lease a horse. Her name is Jango and she is a palomino paint. I love her, but my favorite horse will always be Tang. The little orange mustang and I have been through a lot and I don't care what anyone says. We will never slow down.^^

I am an artist. Yes I have a deviantart (Bangin8 cool but I don't submit a lot. This is probably because I can't work Photoshop worth s**t.

I LOVE German people and German accents. I don't know why. I just do.

I literally rock out loud. The neighbors have learned to get over the loud music that I spill forth from my house. My passion is punk rock, metal, techno rave, and a bit of classical on the side.

I am indeed bi-sexual which means I like guys and girls. And no, I'm not just some random poser acting bi because it's 'cool' or whatever. That's just stupid. You shouldn't try to be someone you're not.

I drive a silver 2002 Toyota Corolla named Ziporrah. It's a Decepticon and the symbols on the two front doors confirm this. My car is effing adorable and I love it to death.

I am random. I say random and crazy things and I do random and crazy stuff. And now Pokemon! biggrin
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::~: biggrin islikes::~::
I hate people who are racist or prejudice. There's enough war and hate in this world as it is. Humans just need to get over their differences and learn to all get along.

Along with what I've said above, I hate people who are judgemental. I have been judged and shunned by almost 88% of the people at my high-school because of how I dress and because of how I act. Just because I'm not some stupid cheerleader or some retarded jock doesn't mean I am a terrible person.

Sports do not interest me whatsoever. I enjoy a good SuperBowl just as much as the next guy but school sports are pointless. They're so obsessed with "winning" that the idea of having fun has been completely pushed aside.

Grocery Stores. Yes, I have a serious phobia of them. I'm not kidding. They terrify me. Want to laugh? Go ahead. I think it's ridiculous too.

Our current government is terrible and corrupted. And before I go on, the answer is yes. I am a liberal democrat. Got a problem? ******** you. President Barack Obama is the s**t. I'm hoping that he'll be able to do something about the s**t-hole the US has fallen into.

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::~::What's In A Name::~::
My username? Oh, well that's easy. First off, I'm a freaking chocoholic. I don't go a day without having some sort of chocolate. (whether I randomly pull it out of thin air or not) Second, I had a wonderful and adorable parakeet. Her name was Elaine and I loved her above most things. I had her for over 6 years and she made me so very happy. She died on June 20, 2009 from a tumor and I miss her dearly. My favorite animals are birds (which is probably why I have a lot in my house) and I just think they're great.

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::~::My Rules::~::
DO NOT beg me to give u gold or items unless you've been hacked or if youre a close friend of mine in realz.

DO NOT add me if you're not going to talk to me, or if you're one of those noobs who's only on the first day you join Gaia and then never comes back.

DO NOT tell me my avi is ugly. I work hard on it.

DO NOT act like a total b***h to me. It won't help you.

Be nice and comment me, or pm me. Those things make me happy.

Play with me in Towns (if you are able)

Role play with me (if you have the time) But be literate.

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Ninjavampirate has hacked Chocolate Parakeet!
And I shall watch your every move, so you all better not do anything stupid.
So don't be messin' with Dei-dei or you'll either A) Explode or B) Be the subject of my mind games.
And none of us want that.
Oh gotta go, I'm being attacked by a ginger.

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Intoxicana (AKA Yazoo) has just hacked Chocolate Parakeet!! This girl is seriously awesome, not to mention my Mommy!! You mess with my Mommy, you face the wrath of me and all my brothers!! You don't want that, now do you? So be nice to her!

Oh gods, here comes Reno...again...g2g, bye-bye!!>

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Chocolate Parakeet has been hacked by Blitzybaby_x!
I would just like to tell everyone else out there that:
~This girl is the awsomest person in the world.
~She has the the coolest Food Boots.
~Mess with her and I'll eat your soul.
~Seriously Im not kidding about the soul eating!
Well, have a good summer Choco!
We're gonna have loads of fun!

Chocolate Parakeet has been hacked by Larmes de Haine!
So yeah this be the sempai
and she is teh most awesome
And if anyone does anything to hurt her
me and all the others above me will
A. eat your soul
B. blow you up
or C. Send the Genova's witnesses after you
SO have a nice day!
Was that good sempai? Because Tobi's a good boy!


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Ma life hoes

Cause dis is how I roll >P

ya, my life and all the ups and many more downs in it.



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Report | 01/09/2011 8:35 am


thanx 4 accpetin my friend request 3nodding
im Miuki btw nice 2 meetcha~!

Report | 08/18/2010 12:29 am


your very welcome ^^

Report | 08/17/2010 8:09 pm


Why yes I am!
As are you my friend.

Report | 06/27/2010 6:49 am


cool avi ^^
Dark Amnesty

Report | 06/26/2009 3:17 pm

Dark Amnesty

Fairies? biggrin
Always a fun time.

Dark Amnesty

Report | 06/25/2009 7:17 am

Dark Amnesty

Well, as long as it's for yourself, I guess it's okay. xD

lol I'm just ugly. xD
But making patterns down your cheeks with liquid liner is always a fun time. xD
Dark Amnesty

Report | 06/23/2009 12:14 pm

Dark Amnesty

And stupid adults, too. >.>;

No amount of makeup would make me look presentable. I'm sorry.
Besides, I'd rather people take me for who I am rather than the look I have.
But if looking good is your thing, who am I to stop you? xD
Dark Amnesty

Report | 06/22/2009 3:00 pm

Dark Amnesty

lol Makeup IS fun.
I just don't use it all that often. xD

I don't bother with the actual MTV station.
Reality TV tends to piss me off. >.>;
But VH1 Classic still plays music videos. So I watch that when I'm bored.
Dark Amnesty

Report | 06/22/2009 10:10 am

Dark Amnesty


I don't usually either.
I was actually watching a VH1 special on something.
But VH1 is controlled by MTV.
Dark Amnesty

Report | 06/21/2009 2:02 pm

Dark Amnesty


Yeah. I learned how to do it 7th-8th grade-ish.
But I didn't (and still don't) do it every day.
Too lazy. xD
And I tend to forget I'm wearing it, and leave it on, and then I break out. Worse than I normally do. D:
So yeah.

Gah. You have no idea how much I'm hating MTV right now. >.>;


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