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What am i wearing?

Wish List (I really want this!)


About Muah?!

Hi all! I just a plain Jane. I love Baskin Robbins! Thus the name (favourite flavour!) I live in Malaysia. I'm a chinese gurl. I'm a chef student. I'm more into pastry and desserts. I'm a CHOCOHOLIC! and SHOPAHOLIC!

Commentz all you want !

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[Nevermore] Report | 10/03/2008 4:50 pm
I believe so....

But I'm not entirely sure. xD

I got the thing pre-made. If I could remember the link, I'd send you the page.
shmallow Report | 10/03/2008 3:07 pm
Thankies! ^.^
Chocolate Banana Smoothie Report | 10/03/2008 11:05 am
Chocolate Banana Smoothie
Thank you^.^
chocolatetomatoes Report | 05/11/2008 10:31 am
o hai

and yes. that's my natural eye color. User Image
Saori Synmatsu Report | 04/13/2008 12:21 pm
Saori Synmatsu
AznCrawck Report | 04/06/2008 6:12 pm
lol thanks. ^^
Emmi_San Report | 03/28/2008 1:59 pm
thank u very mucy >w< I like ur avi, luv the bunny X3
Sweet chocolate_swirl Report | 03/26/2008 8:49 am
Sweet chocolate_swirl
A Pleasure to meet you too, can't have enough chocolates!
Chocolate Banana Smoothie Report | 03/26/2008 6:37 am
Chocolate Banana Smoothie
And I just have to say, "OMG! I completely agree!!"
DizziLizzi Report | 03/25/2008 11:49 am

Love you're Hermes'. ;D


Questing for browns items and the current avi below:User Image

Saori Synmatsu