I love Tigers...

Hi...Um...I'm Kyra...
I write stupid poetry, and stupid stories.
I also like to draw things, those a slightly less stupid.
I also want all of your monnehz, gimmie nao.


I also suggest you to listen to these;
Ra Ra Riot: The Orchard(Album)
Tycho: Dive(Album)
30 Seconds To Mars: 100 Suns, Modern Myth, L490, Was it a Dream, The story
Paramore: My heart, Franklin, Conspiracy, Misguided Ghosts, We are Broken, Sunday bloody Sunday (Cover), That's what you get
The Fray: How to Save a Life, You found me
Daughtry: It's Not Over
Limp Bizkit: Behind Blue Eyes(Cover)
The Who: Behind Blue Eyes
U2: Sunday bloody Sunday
Final Fantasy: To Zanarkand, The Price of Freedom, Cloud Smiles, Aerith's theme
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus: Face down
Goo Goo Dolls: Iris
Evermore: Light Surrounding You
Halo Series: Halo Reach: Trailer theme, Halo theme, Halo Reach: Epilogue, Halo Reach: Ghosts and Glass, Halo 2: Unforgotten
Evanescence: My Immortal, Lithium
Bon Jovi: Livin on a Prayer
Metallica: Nothing Else Matters,
Rise Against: Savior, Hero of War
The Verve: Bitter Sweet Symphony
All American Rejects: Move Along, It Ends Tonight
Coldplay: Viva La Vida
Jason Mraz ft. James Morrison: Details in The Fabric


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heh well i like naruto and bleach its pretty cool and well i like lots of things



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cheddarcheeselover o3o

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cheddarcheeselover o3o

you want 100000000 gold then copy/paste this on ten gaia profiles and press f4 then log out and log back in and check your gold!!!!!!!it really works!!!!!!!!!

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no no its perfectly fine ^_^ and I myself have been doing great especially in college. Also now i'm planning on starting a 2 year project. Though I believe i'm giving myself too much time to complete it but I'm also counting in the time to afford the expenses and difficulties in finding what I need. Its a cosplay outfit for Haseo's Xth form from Dot Hack G.U. Redemption. 2 Years to get into shape, recreate the pieces myself, probably end up sewing the clothes lol. Already plan on creating the armor pieces using Sintra though it may change but I believe I can get that material to work once I create a wire-frame of the pieces then I'll just stretch the material over wire-frame and see how it turns out lol. For the most part I'm excited ^_^

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I'm soo sorry crying but lots keep happening in my life and I have no order o.o lol. Hows it been ^_^.
Malis Mule

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Malis Mule

You're welcome~ :3 **bows**

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Your avatar looks so awesome! heart

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I'm great xD I actually decided to learn how to draw better =P if you've seen my profile then you've seen my first real attempt at drawing my avi's head xD don't you dare try to get me to draw the eyes with a mouse xD I have hard enough time getting it right with a pencil =P plus I scanned it in and drew over it with mouse so you can see where the perfect crescent lines got all jumbly O.o?

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How have you been lately? Enjoying Yourself? xP haven't talked to you in awhile.

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xP your too kind and sleep well btw why not add me as a friend >.< It wont let me send you a friend request.


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