About me


I'm 22 years old,
Graduated from university, studied International Business.

emotion_yatta emotion_bigheart

If you wan't to know a little about me, keep reading:

~ I love my boyfriend heart
~ I love to draw and read books.
~ Movies and shows: Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, Teen Titans, Game of Thrones, How I Meet Your Mother, Modern Family, Avengers, Ruby Sparks, Spirited Away.
~ I speak a little of French
~ Can't sleep early.
~ I love the violin, the piano and the guitar.
~ I have 3 cats cat_3nodding
~ I love the chocolate yum_puddi
~ My eyes are green.
~ I smile at everyone.
~ I still keep my tamagotchi.
~ My friends are my world.
~ I try to be a better person each day emotion_c8
~ I like Anime
~ Obviously, I go to anime conventions.
~ I'm Lazy
~ I love to cook heart
~ I'm not very organized sweatdrop
~ I hate taking the bus to go home -.-
~ Acually I get really desperate in the mornings because I don't know what to wear, I hate that because I don't like to repeat outfits during the week.
~ I'm a creative person.
~ My family is my biggest treasure, we are really close, I love them all.
~ I absolutely love funny people.
~ Few years ago I hated the idea of using makeup.
~ I support animal protection.
~ My favorite animal is the cat, but I wish I could have a horse.

I guess that's all, bye bye!.