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yall come back now,ya hear!

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whatever retard.

huh? what r u talking about? oh. my bout this.....HEY F**K WHAT YOU THINK, B****H!!!!!!


its me!

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I love anime/manga!!! bleach, fruits basket naruto, inuyasha, trinity blood, chrono crusade, mars, princess ai, fake, nodame cantibile, .hack, sailor moon, and some others.

Hi! Kanky here. I just hacked my nieces account. xD
I'll tell you a little about here:
She is spontaneous when she needs or doesn't need to be, she cusses like a sailor (Very old saying) when she is angry, she speaks her mind, she is loved by me and many others, she also loves me (hopefully) and many others, she is a great friend and a fierce enemy, shes kind to others at times when they don't piss her off.
I love her very dearly. We are very close, if you make her cry I'll go ninja(I'm half Japanese so I can do that) on your a**(s), so don't. :3

Love ya, Ash!
~ K a n k y o M a i k o
A.K.A. Kanky
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these peoms might not be good, and might be a little cheesey. but


This silent urge,
This constant itch,
Always surging,
It never quits,
Pushing me to purge,
My ugly skin.
Driving me to cut it deep,
Afterward, i watch it seep,
Someday I'll reep,
What i do so,
That i already know,
But i will always be
My own greatest foe.


There are monsters in the dark,
'round the corners of my heart.
Who scare me when i look into there faces.

Sore and open wounds,
always there;a world of gloom,
just to keep me in my places.

When i feel the tears come to my eyes,
I just put my shoulder in it,
forever pushing forward in my traces.

A few well placed patches,
hide bitter feelings,
and I add a brick or two to the braces.


Look at me.
What do you see?
Happy luaghing eyes?
Or lurking misery?
Deep,deep inside,
where all secrets lie,
Is it pure serenity?
Or a dark-clouded sky?

OH,WELL ********

Ever feel like you're stuck?
Like you keep slogging thru?
But you still get ********?

You just keep plodding along
glancing up once in a while.
Always in a crowd
where you dont belong?

Sometimes lifes roses.
Often times scorching burns.
Funny how you can climb and fall.
Aint no one there to catch you,
no one at all.


feel that sear?
that white hot pain?
thats another one
its your slash.
pain drips down
all the way to your toes.
its always the"same-shi different-day" woes.
you cover it up
hoping no one can tell
just keep your happy face on
all is good,all is well
what do they care
when they cut you deep?
they just do it and go on
letting your pain steep.
it always ends up
just the ******** same
your heart in tatters
its the name of the game
lies fall upon you
like rain in a storm
you feel shakin,scattered
far far outside the norm
you push me out
i pull you in
i keep hoping
just look where we've been
so far,yet so close
just keep pushing me away
keep up the bullshit
you could have it all
my total devotion
intead you shut me out
destroying my adoration
what's a girl to do?
to make you see
how much she loves you?

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Thanks for buying~!
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 Rin Poet
thanks 4 the purchase my items
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Dat Hawaiian
thanx for tha puchase
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Sakura Hoshizuki
Ashley you need INTERNET!!!
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Sakura Hoshizuki
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I couldn't find barely any good pics of Chi and Hideki.

So I went with L instead. >w<

Amour morte Report | 03/28/2008 7:01 am
Amour morte
omg you look like a froggy! love the avi!

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xXxEver rosexXx
=D i added u cuz i'm AMAZING and i remembered!!
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kyokoshka Report | 09/12/2007 1:46 pm
did ya miss me
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Maricarmen's new account is: sexieladie15


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I will always be my own greatest foe.