heyy ppl! im new to Gaia smile bhut anyways iam ASIAN wink hahahahhaa ilove my azn pridee rawr anyways im very funny nd fun to be with im single! teehee anyways jope yhu add mi!!! well im just doing this real quick so bye bye


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Copy and paste this to 10 people then press F5 on your keyboard. You will win 10,000 gold each time you do it!

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thank's for the-LONG TIME random comment wink
Harmonic Dioxide

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Harmonic Dioxide

1.Ummm...I dunno ^^ I wouldn't remember.
2.Someone I love o.o
3.Well, If Im a murderer, then...yeah....Im already kinda a murderer, lol
4. Someone special or friends ^^
5.Because my other name was making me look stuck up.
6.The sky. More breathing room, haha sweatdrop
7. Comedy, ettiquette, and random books
8.Lies that get me in trouble or make me look bad
10. My Boyfriend? O.o
11.A complete stranger
12.Only if it's cooked and Im able to forget what Im eating.
13.Im not sure....
14.Pfft, hells no.
15.Anything dealing with languages
17.Uh......Ive never watched that anime OAO So, I have no clue
18.Depends on who that person is.
19. Yep, XD
20. ................

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So how are ya?
Renegade Rhae

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Renegade Rhae

o umm i forgot to haha sweatdrop
Harmonic Dioxide

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Harmonic Dioxide

1. No, fortunately, aha ^^
2.Friends that understand me or are nice or epic
3. Erm...I guess nice ones who don't get angry easily. I don't like muscular, and I don't like gangster or anything like that. If you'd imagine an emo look with a normal , non-emo personality...kinda like that. But that's why I'm happy with my Boyfriend :3
4.Anything that interests me. Im not too into the mall. But I do like stores that sell strange and interesting things.
5. I am to myself mostly, but can be pretty loud-living and fun.
6.Anything exotic or European. As for sushi, I really like this place called Sushi Zushi.
7. I would either hide with a pack of survivors or fight with other survivors.
8. Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Pocahontas, Alice in Wonderland, Treasure Planet, The Princess and The Frog (That one AMAZED me since everything is in CGI lately ^^), Lion King, Mulan, Hunchback of Notre Dam, and some others. I really Liked Anastasia, but that wasn't by disney. However, many people think it is.
9. A nice one that isn't hard to clean and is hard to break into or damage. smile
10. Fear for my life o.o./

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lol no never XD
Renegade Rhae

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Renegade Rhae

yes four ,lol u??
Renegade Rhae

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Renegade Rhae

KITTY!!!! I <3 KITTES!!! lol sweatdrop

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umm well no Ive never been lost XD


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