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Life is like a photograph... ☮

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hello there, it's Juuhz-meen!
See, if you talk to some ppl i know, I am too nice....wayy to nice.
I like meeting new people around that like the same things as me.


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i really want that below, please help!!!
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Total Value: 235,206 Gold, 15,000 Tickets
[Item Information]

Item List:
Long-Stem Blue Rose [bought]
Pixie [bought]
Elegant Blue Ribbon [bought]
Tide Glamrock Headband[bought]
Music Note Mood Bubble[bought]
Blue PomPom Scarf[bought]
Blue Sweetheart Teddy[questing]
Gold Mountain Blue Vest And Shirt
Blue Middle School Skirt[bought]
G Shades Blue[bought]
Fairy Wings[bought]
Fairy Wand[bought]
Blue PomPom Gloves[bought]
Blue Pajama Slippers [bought]
Blue Candy Striped Stockings [bought]
Mythic Hair [bought]

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by Ahrenri!
^^thank you very much
i like ;D



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