Name: Jaaade(:
Age: 16 at thee moment :p
Location: Yu dnt needs to kno e_e. . .
In a relationship: single....SADLY
Fav. Movie: anime lyk "Spirited Away", "Totoro"<333, "Castle in the Sky", Kiki Delivery Service", and Tim Burton moviehs biggrin
Fav.Actor/Actress: Dakota Fanning (She's aweshhhhum at acting !)
Fav.Color: Teal, black, red, white, yellow, and green biggrin (neons tooh)
Fav.Animal Bunneh biggrin WHITE TIGURR
Likes: Kishes, Hugs, Bunnehs, Txting, and Art(:
Loves: Fraaands(:, &&Family
Dislikes: my lil cuzin, being bossed around and probably more things..
Hates: Mushrooms and haters