The name is Chibii, or Sidney.
I am 22. I currently live in Washington. I'm going for my associates in Art, and then hopefully transferring to get my Bachelors in Illustration or Art. I'm kind of an open book. I'm a huge nerd and I spend more time watching people playing video games than I do actually playing them. I'm currently in the process of making my own web comic and although I won't give out the plot I will tell you all the troubles and frustrations that go into it. I have a discord, but I change my name regularly, so DM me if you want it. My personal tumblr is chibiihime.tumblr.com. Well, if you give this a read, let me know, or not its kind of whatever. This is just to tell you a little bit more about me.

✧ Cats
✧ Steven Universe
✧ Lace
✧ Frilly things
✧ Leather
✧ Studs
✧ Tattoo
✧ Piercings
✧ Jewelry
✧ Anime
✧ Game Grumps / Markilpier / Achievement Hunter / Cryaotic
✧ Drawing
✧ Reading
✧ Writing
✧ Designing
✧ Blaring music in my bedroom for late night dance parties
✧ Love stories
✧ Horror movies
✧ Gore
✧ Starry eyes
✧ Heart eyes
✧ Minecraft
✧ Don't starve
✧ Mythological creatures
✧ Lore
✧ Ghosts
✧ Fairies

✦The feeling after watching a horror movie
✦Assholes (the person kind)
✦Walking home alone in the dark
✦Public speaking
✦The sun rays that somehow come in through the curtain just to hit you right in the face
✦Guilt tripping
✦When an anime only comes out with one season even though the books still continues
✦Animal abuse
✦Societies standards
✦Weird kinks
✦Patterns on clothing
✦Country music
✦Jazz music
✦The ending to the movie The Mist