Hi Everybody! My full name is Mia Lyana Hathorne, I want to be called Annie, though. I know it's strange, but I like Annie more than Mia. So there, two choices of calling me, and plus one, that's Chi-Chan. My Dream Avii is about 2,149,311,547 Gold.
Let's get to know me better!
Likes: Good people, friends, chatting, drawing,hackers,playing the flute!
Dislikes: Bad people,hackers
For likes and dislikes: (more will be added on in the future, or removed)
DOB: 5/22/1997 ( Age 14 )
I'm currently single.
I'm going to school at Miami Edison Senior High School, 6161 Northwest 5th Court, Miami, FL
I live in Miami, Florida
I'm 5 feet & 5 inches
I weigh 105 pounds
Alright! If you need more information about me, add me and ask me! I don't like people who add me just for begging for gold, or asking my BFF, xXxMikikixXx, for money. I'll only give you money if you ask nicely, and don't force me to give you money.
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My bestiez xXxMikikixXx:
This was her dream avatar, made my Inu, her best friend.
User Image
Now she doesn't really like it, and she's aiming for the same dream avatar as me, so now she looks like this:
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This is our goal we're aiming for: Unknown until.. you ask.


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"Life isn't always easy nor peaceful, but if we try to make it happen, it will always seem real to us." -Chi Doumoto
"Don't judge people by their looks or country, everyone has their own freedom, no one belongs to anybody! <3" -Chi Doumoto
"You can love whoever you want, don't judge people if they love boys or girls, or they love their own gender." - xXxMikikixXx (Best friend)