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To be realy honest gaia is just a place a go when I'm bored and I'm sure that's the same with many. My gaia looks nothing like me, but I guess if you know me you know that, but for the people who don't use you imagination, and comment me and tell me what you think. When I look at myself through my eyes I see a beatuful girl on the inside and out, who is just living life. I feel in my heart that life should not be wasted and you only get to live it once so be who you want to be and don't be afraid to show it. I am very open with people, if I'm feeling sad I tell people how I feel, and don't care what they think. I'm quite and shy, but yet open and loud. I love my life and would never wnat to change. I just turned 13 on decenber 29th 2008 for people who are reading this years down the line. I've never had a boy friend and don't plan on it for quiet some time. I think if you are realy in love with someone, then they will wait, untill the couple is old enough to take it seriusly, that and boys my age are punks. I get good grades, event though I hate school. I want to go to St. Mary's accademy for high school,and either yail, or Portland state for college. I love music, and art, and I love my mom, I know that sounds dumb, but my mom is my life, she had me at 19, and my dad was hardly ever in the picture. My mom used to do grugs before I was born, and when she found out she was having me she stopped, she said if she hadn't quit I wouldn't be here and neither would she, so I saved her life and she saved mine. I love to sing, and I don't consider my self great, but good, even though ever yone else thinks I 'm great, but that's not my dream. My dream is to be happy doing whatever it is that I end up doing, but my passion is photograpy. And i hope someday to have a career that involes it. So that's the short story about me. Keep updating for more!


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Heart Blondie Report | 12/21/2009 6:28 pm
Heart Blondie
How did you become friends with Hobo-rockerfreak? huh, huh huh huh? Like I think that it was from me! wat evs! <3 smile
Heart Blondie Report | 11/29/2009 6:41 pm
Heart Blondie
This post was removed because it appeared to be spam / chain mail.
weird_xXx_chick Report | 11/19/2009 4:54 pm
One night, a baby-sitter was watching the neighbor’s kids, as she often did, but this time for money. She was given specific instruction to get the kids in bed by 9:00 PM. She did so, and afterwards went back downstairs to watch some television.She flipped through the stations when something struck her fancy. It was one of those x-files type shows, all about haunted houses and graveyard encounters. She watched and became mystified at some of the “actual footage” shot at a local graveyard.As she sat there, she decided that for the full effect, she would turn off the light, and continue watching the program in the dark, curled up underneath a warm blanket on the sofa. The program seemed to last forever, until finally they wrapped up with a spooky ending, claiming that all that have seen or heard of the graveyard ghost have either died by fire, orwere traumatized to death.When the show was over, Donna was too frightened to get out from under her protective blanket to turn the lights on or check the children, for by now it was nearly 11:30 PM. It was dead silent, and Donna had developed a mild sweat from being curled so tight underneath the blanket. She decided that on the count of three, she would get up, run to the light switch and turn it on, and all would be well.One. . . two. . . three! BAM!!!Donna tripped and knocked the phone off the hook. What surprised her the most however, was that she did not hear a dial tone. Maybe she accidentally ripped the phone out of the wall socket. No. She could hear something. . .She grabbed the phone and put it up to her ear. She could hear breathing. What she heard next was something she would never forget. An ear piercing scream penetrated her head, and flowed all through her body, chilling her to the bone.She jumped up and turned on the light, scared out of her mind. She decided to turn the TV back on and find a show that could calm her senses. She clicked on the TV, and started flipping through channels of static, finding nothing would come in clear. This did not amuse her. She went behind the TV to see if she could fix anything, when the phone rang.“Hello?” All Donna could hear was the familiar sound of heavy breathing. Not waiting to hear that scream again, she immediately hung the phone up. What happened next frightened and surprised her. That piercing scream again. But wait, she hung up the phone. The scream came from upstairs. In her mind, she felt she should go upstairs to check on the kids. The sensible part of her said that the kids were in trouble, but it would be foolish to put herself in the same situation.She crept to the kitchen, and found a knife. No, not the butter knife, she looked for another one, a steak knife. Yes, this was what she wanted. She walked to the foot of the stairs, and looked up. Total darkness. Should she turn on a light, or should she creep up in the dark, so as to be un-noticed? She decided that if it was dark, whoever or whatever was up there had the same sight disadvantage as she, and she would have a better chance of sneaking up on it.She walked up the stairs slowly, skipping the third step, because she remembered that that one was the one that creaked. She made her way, knife in hand, to the top step, where she scanned the hallway for any shadows. She then went to the first door. She waited outside, clutching the knife in her sweaty fist, she listened for any sound. Nothing. Slowly andsilently, she opened the door.She could see nothing. Donna walked to the center of the room and felt around for the chain that turned on the light. She pulled on it, and shrieked in horror. The children were all hanging from the ceiling by their necks, their guts spilling on the floor. She turned to run out, when she was blocked by a presence in the door. She felt her stomach get pieced by the razor sharp edge of her own knife. It slid easily through her abdomen, up to her rib cage. She dropped to her knees, and screamed. The scream she heard from her own mouth
-Pixy-lust- Report | 10/26/2009 9:17 pm
im not gonna pity her if thats what you want and I was just saying that Im am ******** pissed at you right now and was trying to hint for you to leave me the ******** alone and go play with your leperchon friend but obliviously you couldnt get the message!!!!!!!!!!!! and if you are going to start take a great liking to her all of the sudden then you can just knock of the hipacrite attitude! dramallama
-Pixy-lust- Report | 10/26/2009 9:01 pm
?????? shouldnt you be playing with sharleana?
-Pixy-lust- Report | 10/26/2009 12:34 pm
shut up >.<
-Pixy-lust- Report | 10/25/2009 7:25 pm
i did but now everyone here is so mean!!!! it is like i am not even here crying
-Pixy-lust- Report | 10/25/2009 4:40 pm
you are so mean >., I hate my house nobody like me here crying savanah take me back !!!!! crying
GreenTeaLollipop Report | 10/24/2009 1:29 pm
oh i see smile
-Pixy-lust- Report | 10/23/2009 8:42 pm
no its burgerville!!! razz
look I made a quilt!
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