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Registered: 12/04/2005

Gender: Male

Location: Kansas

Birthday: 11/07/1987

Occupation: Security Officer

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Welcome! I am Cheshire Delusion. Some places I'm better known as Tobi, Tobias, or even Quade. I'm here on Gaia becuase, well, I'm a friggen packrat and I like making shiny things. Yes. I collect WHITE items, so if you wanna donate (please do, I will make a custom signature graphic for you if you donate and item I like) that would be fantastic!

Things about me: I'm an aspiring computer programmer. I love to play video games. I love anime, mainly Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, Outlaw Star, G Gundam... all in their original native languages. Speaking of Japanese, I'm also learning how to speak Japanese. Slowly, very slowly, but I'm getting there.

What else about me... Hmm... Well, I certainly like eating. Anything that has to do with cheese sits well with me. I love nachos, pizza, and FLAMING HOT CHEETOS with a burning passion llike that of a thousand suns.

I'm also an artist whom is learning every day about new styles and learning what he is capable of. I don't do avatar art yet, but I hope to some day... Maybe I can earn gold that way or something >.>

Right now, I'm really searching for items that are either Blue, Red/Orange, or white. I wish to have a set for each color. (Not because I'm patriotic, I just like those colors a lot) So, if anyone is able to donate such colored items, I would be greatly thrilled, even if it's an item thats easy to get. ^_^


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Cheshire's Delusions

Just random entries about me, my life, and my art.

Osu! The best rhythm game ever.


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Akiachan Report | 11/08/2010 5:08 pm
Happy Birthday <3 I texted you yesterday.. but just in case <3
purplerosesbeauty Report | 11/07/2010 9:32 am

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Happy birthday Cheshire! :3


My Hart and Hind Herd. Please don't be shy and pick a pretty that you would like to RP with. :3



Rules of Cheshire Delusion's Store.

1) Do not ask for me to donate my items to you. I do not care if you're one item away from completing a quest. I don't care if you recently got hacked, that's your problem, not mine, your own idiocy got you hacked. I do not care if it is a gift for a boyfriend/girlfriend/lover/fiance/wife. Don't PM me.

2) Do not ask me to lower the price, even if it's just 100 gold. I've earned my gold and items, you can too. Don't PM me.

3) In general, do not PM me.

I do not donate items I have for sale in this shop, EVER. If they're here, it's because I want some damn gold.


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Cheshire Delusion