Hey Everyone =)
You're visting EmoPrincess-Suke's profile and first of all... I'm no real emo but my friends call me emo because of my style. I love clothes in different patterns. Striped, polka-dotted, floral, stars, skulls, plaid... well you know what I mean ^^°
I live in germany which means I can speak german as fluently as you can speak english for example.
Athough I love english very much it is just my second language.
So I'm not as good as I wish I am .__.
So please forgive me if they are some mistakes in my sentences.
Is there something special about me? Everyone is special in my opinion but although I'm at Gaia I look exactly like MY GAIA =D
Never thought about it, huh?
Hmm ~ If there is anything you want to know about me...
Don't be afraid to ask I only bite my boyfreind >XD


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My very own thoughts ...

Hey everyone ^^ As you can see this is my journal on gaiaonline. I don't know why but I think it would be a great idea to use this journal to poste my thoughts, whishes, creative ideas or whatever comes into my freaky mind.


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hahahaha old but gold
Ragnar the brutal

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Ragnar the brutal

oh, das is aber lieb von dir, danke schön @__@
Ragnar the brutal

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Ragnar the brutal

Ragnar the brutal

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Ragnar the brutal

hab ich mir für nen appel und nen ei gekauft. mir fehlt nur noch ne tolle waffe dazu, damit das vernünftig ausschaut^^

die klotten haben mich insgesammt nur 500 XD oder so gekostet und ne schicke waffe dann gleich ne millionen -.-

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Hello my honey bumblebee O.O
How are you my sweetheart ?
I'm okay so far, but Christian is stalking me -.-
And I'm really pissed of -.-
Shakura Kazuki

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Shakura Kazuki

just a radom comment
lol ^^'
ne, also , ich bin auch aus deuschland, und wollte mal hi sagen!

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Yeah oO
You are really stupid ^^
But its okaya =3
luv ya 2