Jonghyun - Diphylleia grayi

You are a flower that turns transparent in the rain. Regret is drenching the white petals between us. It may be transparent, but it’s still there. At least it doesn’t hurt when it’s invisible. But I didn’t know that the pain of letting go knowingly. Would kill me and tear me apart like this. Now that it’s drenched in tears. My plain fault has become invisible. Ah the wind scatters it. Ah the dew dampens it. Dear flower in front of me. With that deep scent that bewitched me. You lock me up in the room of eternity, so that I cannot find you, and simply smile your white artful smile. With time, even the white petals will wither. Without remembering that they were once transparent. Ah the sadness scatters it. Ah the tears drench it. Time passes. Time passes. Time passes. Time passes. Time passes.


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Sharon // 19 // AUS
I'm a big ol' Koreaboo and an avid feeder on League of Legends.
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