a b o u t


Name: Kimberly
Nickname: Kami ??Kah-mi
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 1? - teens
Birthday: 10179?
Nationality: Asian
Location: Canada.Ontario
Email/MSN: Ask me. ________@ hotmail . com
Status: Gone.

&Introduction?? I don't play GAIA anymore. I login in once and a while just to reply to comments and PMs and go visit threads I hang around in. Yeah, I had fun on GAIA made great online friends & fun memories. <3 PEACE ~

Hate me? I don't care. Sorry???
Love me? I love you too n _____ n
Fake me? Haha your screwed.

NOTE: GAIA & FACEBOOK are the only places I joined. Anywhere else, FAKE :]

You done reading??? BYEBYE THEN.