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ShiroganexNaoto Report | 05/07/2011 8:33 pm
Heeeeeey! I don't know if you remember me, but way back when we used to be on a Tales forum together! Sadly, it kinda crashed and burned, but one of my best friends and I are trying to bring it back. We're limiting it to Vesperia this time, but we're actually working pretty hard to make the forum into something awesome. I remember you were our Raven and a few other characters and you did so well. If you're still up for trying again, we've set up shop here:

We're actually doing the styling a little different, and hopefully, since this is something different, it'll be easier and make members actually want to stay more active. ;D I'm your resident Flynn again, but I've taken up Gauche as my second. Different, huh? I really hope you still love the Tales series and consider joining! I miss all of you

We're still doing a bit of construction (obviously) but things are doing well~<3
Reks S Hatake Report | 12/04/2010 1:45 pm
Reks S Hatake
XP see, this just goes to show how us Americans are procrastinators with our holidays XD
Reks S Hatake Report | 11/25/2010 6:48 pm
Reks S Hatake
Happy Thanksgiving Cherry!!!
Karrna Report | 08/26/2010 12:36 pm
You have a very intresting avatar and profile.
I'm so going to look up those 'Tales' games when I have a moment, I love JRPGs.
Voat Report | 08/13/2010 5:08 pm
aww thanks. i'm glad you enjoy them. i didn't know so many people liked them enough to remember.
Lady Kayura Report | 06/24/2010 2:45 pm
Lady Kayura
cool avi
SwitchDyeStitch Report | 06/22/2010 12:09 pm
Wah, your page is just splashed with "cosplay" all over it.
And draped with words I did not reads.
You bought from me ♥ <---- How I gots here.
Impracticality Report | 06/08/2010 6:56 pm
Thanks for buying from my store! ^_^
LopunnyLesbian Report | 06/06/2010 7:04 pm
well nyeh! Add me anyway!XP Just kidding. You don't have to if you don't want to.

I still rather like my cosplay. Yours are good too!
LopunnyLesbian Report | 06/06/2010 6:45 pm
I've gotta say... Love the profile. You're definitely dedicated to the Tales series! If you'd like to see my Cosplay, just look at my avatar now in the PMD guild, and you can try and recruit me into your Active Party XP

Also, love the Tales music in your randomizer. I have a playlist just like it!!!

...Bump XP

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