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Location: new york

Birthday: 05/05

Occupation: live streaming and gaming

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RazorMusic Report | 11/07/2023 8:30 pm
I haven't been on in a while and saw an expired birthday message from you sweatdrop
Couldn't actually open it, but thank you for the wish anyway.
Iovins Report | 07/01/2023 5:18 pm
I don't know how people play HC on this Diablo... I've played HC on alll of the others, but i have died soooooo many times with the world bosses LOLOL. I'm almost level 70 and still a weenie biggrin
How is the call of duty?? I was going to get it but then remembered I suck wink .
Vener Azluna Report | 06/29/2023 3:54 am
hey dee! whats up? biggrin hope your well these days! biggrin
Iovins Report | 06/15/2023 6:12 pm
Brrrooooo working is literally the worst.
I've been good!!! Diablo IV just came out, so SUPER into that.
Iovins Report | 04/22/2023 8:45 am
How have you been?
Shot InTheFace Report | 03/03/2023 12:45 pm
hellz ya!! that's literally the only reason i want a car. so i can decorate it lmfao.
Shot InTheFace Report | 03/03/2023 10:01 am
I get ya. Will it be your first car?
Shot InTheFace Report | 03/03/2023 7:41 am
That's so frustrating, dude. Might be time to invest in a car crying
Shot InTheFace Report | 03/02/2023 10:38 am
I'm sure the dudes aint no better lmao. but at least the bus is free! have you tried looking for other buses that might come later?
Shot InTheFace Report | 03/02/2023 9:35 am
Dude that s**t! I worked in a restaurant for like 3 years and it was a lot to deal with for sure. Is it a far walk home? You should ask to be off at 11:15, so you can make the bus.. Crappy that the managers don't keep that in mind for you.


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