Howdy there~ I'm Jess,AKA Cherry or Candii. |3 I'm really into anime and manga of course (I actually prefer reading manga books though), and my favourite kind is magical girl or shoujo in general. I'm really into JPOP and idol culture (I am a total WOTA!), and Japanese pop culture and fashion. I love Hello! Project and Perfume, and I also love VOCALOID. I love Fairy Kei alot. heart
Popteen is my bible. heart
Zelda is my life. heart

Now for the profile:

Name: Jess/Cherry/Candii/ Whatever other nickname. xD
Age: 17
D.O.B: March 16th
P.O.B: England

4laugh My Loves 4laugh

-I love Hello! Project
-I love PASSPO
-I love Idols!
-I love Anime
-I love Music
-I love Shopping
-I love Disney
-I love dancing
-I love sweets
-I love my friends
-I love gaming
-I love clothes
-I love singing
-I love my boyfriend
-I love tea
-I love pink, pastel blue, purple & green
-I love Miku Hatsune
-I love cosplay
-I love language and speak English, Japanese and a bit of French.
-I love OreImo, Higurashi, Mermaid Melody, Rozen Maiden, K-ON!, and DearS heart

gonk My Hates gonk

-I hate Yaoi
-I hate school
-I hate Reina/Sayumi haters.
-I hate AKB48 fantards... I like AKB, but..
-I hate Naruto
-I hate people who think they know it all
-I hate people who discourage people's dreams
-I hate bullies
-I hate chavs
-I hate thunder
-I hate racism
-I hate sexism
-I hate homophobes
-I hate people who use fangirl Japanese ("omg, that's soo kawaii!" wink

I'm actually quite a nice person, but there are just things I don't like, so try to avoid partaking in them around me. xD 3nodding

Dream Avatar(s)

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Total Value: 251,450 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Cherry Blossom 3nodding
Cherry Blossom 3nodding
Orange And Yellow Bar Necklace 3nodding
Egyptian Gold Bracelet 3nodding
Egyptian Gold Bracelet 3nodding
Purple Sequin Sandals 3nodding
Pale Blue Medical Mask 3nodding
Lovely Genie Blue Headpiece 3nodding
Lovely Genie Blue Embroidered Harem Pants 3nodding
Lovely Genie Purple Bangled Bra 3nodding
Zhou Yu's Staff 3nodding

Complete! heart

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Total Value: 1,522,220 Gold

Item List:
SDPlus #087 Nick
Pixie 3nodding
Peter Pan
Rainbow Jubilee 3nodding
Lilac Finch
Porcelina White Lacy Gloves 3nodding
Gentle Lavender Sweet Lace Mary-Janes 3nodding
Gentle Lavender Sweet Lace Knee Socks
Gentle Lavender Sweet Lace Alice Bow 3nodding
Gentle Lavender Sweet Lace Bloomers
Gentle Lavender Sweet Lace Dress 3nodding

heart My Cosplays heart

Thus was getting way too crowded, so for a full list of my cosplays, please visit Wiishmaker on CosplayIsland.com , or visit Wiishmaker on DeviantART!


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Call me Ginge

Report | 04/07/2011 9:58 am

Call me Ginge

I'm sure you could afford some, they are only 2mil cool

anyway, you wanted 20k right?

on it's way~

Report | 12/01/2010 3:35 am


I'll tell you about him when i see you next XD I get all embarassed about it lol
Thanks though smile xx

Report | 11/30/2010 9:22 am


Thanks biggrin I wanna change it though just dunno what to lol
and not gonna lie life has been amazing recently, this is kinda embarassing to say but errm i've got a boyfriend sweatdrop
Felt i should probably tell you that lol xx

Report | 11/28/2010 2:49 pm


Sup'! New name and avi? Naiceeee
Call me Ginge

Report | 11/28/2010 2:19 pm

Call me Ginge

xD Why thank you~

If I had more then I'd give it to you, but I need to save some money so I can vend >w<

But that money can cover that dream avatar you have on your proflie and more so enjoy~
Call me Ginge

Report | 11/28/2010 1:46 pm

Call me Ginge

Pfffft, you already do! xD

I'm gonna stalk through your profile and see if there is anything I can get you now.... I spent all my gold today on a bunch of envelopes to hoard.

Hoarding is a get rich quick scheme too >.<
Call me Ginge

Report | 11/28/2010 1:41 pm

Call me Ginge

HAHA i'm so glad your re-addicted.
You got me started so it's time I returned the favour >w<

I started doing this thing on here called vending and it's how I made all my money wink

And if I have a good week with vending, I'll help you out here and there with some of your quests.... >o<

Report | 12/20/2009 10:04 am


awww there there >.< We will do hanon and rina one day >W<

Report | 12/11/2009 2:39 pm


no. anata wa totemo kowai desu. totemo kowai!

i need to install the japanese language pack on my laptop again XD;
pssssst jen is making a big mermaid melody group (she dosen't know when for yet) and i signed up to be noelle and said you might be interested in being karen. So she's got a lucia, hanon and noelle with a possible lina and sara/coco

Report | 12/11/2009 2:29 pm