about a nerd

I'm a Linux user with two x chromosomes. Yeah, we exist. I use Fluxbuntu. I prefer Fluxbox over fancy desktop managers, but KDE is kinda cool.
I'm also a musician. I play sax, flute, drums, bass, guitar, piano, and sing. I'm in a few bands, and one of them, Rush Hour, came out with a CD (we recorded, mixed, mastered, and designed the cover and sh*t in 3 days). My jazz band is also going to record a CD soon.
You can usually find me playing/writing/listening to music or screwing around/doing something on the computer. I love jazz, rock, alternative, and basically every genre (except mainstream rap and some country).
I have a sh*t attention span and usually get distracted when doing skool work. Hahaha whatever. I still manage honor roll... Usually.