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I play another game called Legend of Crytids and my user is Charmy4ever. I'm nice and very shy at first, but super crazy when you get to know me since I have an outgoing and extroverted personality. I will not approach you sadly 3nodding I will never ever judge anyone unless you give me a reason to and I love to make friends.Don't beg/scam. If I'm questing for something, I am trying to gift it wink heart To all my friends, you guys are the best and you know who you are. 3nodding Any questions? Just comment or pm and I will get back to you. smile
Stalk me for all i care xD and i don't play loc or this as much as i used to

heart Donaters heart
~Crestilite for helping me with my dream avi
~t0xic monkey for Order of Atlantis
~Everglance Angel for Scarelet Sprite and other things in the past (in my old account, here are some of the stuff: luck o' the gairash;worth 10K back then, magical girl, mood bubbles, collectibles, and lots more. >.< wink cant list them all! xD smilies/icon_3nodding.gif
~Mayasa99 for Heart of Gold,Lucky Mood Bubble, Silver BFF Heart Chain Necklace, Labu Necklace, Those 70s Blue Pants, Music Note Bubble and other things in the past/^^
~skittleslover2 for labu necklace
~yuzuyu12 for fairy wings
~MysticalMayhem for stuff i could sell
~1-800-IHATEYOU for 7 things, stuff in the past, and 1K
~marshimaro963 for Benny the Puppy
~Une Petit Fleur Jaune- 14 gifts on other account to help when i got scammed/hacked. thx!
~SnowAngel123Chan for Angel Imp plushie, pink sports bag, Drop Necklace, and Labu Necklace
~Vasune ty for black swan
~Squirrelette for several wishlist items
~ Bonzly for SDPlus #301 Momoiro
~Wonderful Anons! You help spread the kindness heart (Crimson Flutter, Flavors De Alpaca, Mistress Estelle, Dark Lady Soldier Sake, Golden Sparkles, Galaxy Glimmer, and more!)
~ Donaters by trade:
~OhhPandaa for caches
~ Volvaran the Dragon for Attitude Alleycat, Femme Fatal, Perfumed Bower, Hey Doge, Behind the Mask, Possessive Captain, Spring Groom, Ramune, Lady Justice's Armor, [Animal]Wings, and two SDPlus Dolls

switching everything to a questing thread soon* note to self

40 anon given
Goal: 100 <- probably more. I'm little miss panda anon. I have MOVED to a new main account

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charmy4ever Report | 04/22/2017 5:07 pm
I am back. For the people on my friend's list, I ask that you do not give away my actual account as some of you know what account I am on. I am back and yes I am little miss panda anon. However, I prefer my identity to be a secret 3nodding
Torhu-chan Report | 08/09/2014 11:10 pm
Thank you for tipping. ^^
Lucky Rig Seller Report | 08/09/2014 11:03 pm
Butt Nugget 2 Report | 08/09/2014 3:22 pm
Light rainbow colors and foxes k thx <3 ILY
Thenesis Report | 07/30/2014 10:19 pm
Oh my!! emotion_jawdrop
That's Chyaku Norisu Scarf emotion_facepalm
DerangedToxicity Report | 07/26/2014 10:42 pm
Yeah lol, I do stalk the MP (meaning, I have seen you around too ^_^)
I'll be honored to ever be in a bidding war with you at any time. 3nodding
l2AY Report | 07/26/2014 3:52 pm
cute is what we aim for - hollywood
D_Shadow 1 Report | 05/09/2014 8:15 pm
yes they are, but from time to time I like buying and then giving to the other bidder...
Cleric Saphire Report | 04/23/2014 1:21 am
Oh come now, now I feel bad Dx I'm actually doing the same. Working to get a Cherubic for a friend. Sorry for that, it's mid terms and I really get cranky sometimes. Do you play zomg sometimes? If you do let's play together sometime? :3
THE Santa Claus Report | 04/18/2014 5:38 am
http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/the-dressing-room/f.383/ is a forum full of folks willing to make tekteks for you to dream about.
http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/charity-quests/the-list-of-charities/t.8182661/ lists charities that are willing to help you get gold for your dreams.
Good luck!


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I am little miss panda anon. However I moved to another main account and am still little miss panda anon there. Come find me wink

Also please support me by liking these pages:
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