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Hello and welcome.
To keep this about me as short and as simple as possible, I will just say that I am pretty old and have so many things that I have yet to do and experience and I am looking forward to what I have yet to explore.

These are the generous people that donated to me.
--omg slut- 50k!
--Kawaii Sweets- An Ancient Katana and an orphan doll!
--Kuro Takeshi- Demonic Anklets, Oculus Magica, Fox Ears and Chyaku Norisu Scarf!
--Ozzy Orgasim- 15k!
--Erykus- Angel Imp Plushie!
--sinful eleshai- Bao!!
--Inu_Hero- Plastic Lunchbox, Red and Black Striped Stockings, Neapolitan Sash (Vanilla)
--Hellhounds Prey- Candy Mimi Neko!
I am grateful to all of you.
Feel free to donate. You would go on this beautiful list that you see here as well. 3nodding
heart heart heart heart

Check out my Insta: Roxartz

Trying to get back into uploading into Devianrt.
Find me here: emme.chan

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ozmalu Report | 05/30/2022 11:13 am
It's ok! Dont worry about it biggrin Yah It was the only game I played for the longest time but Ive been taking a break from it and playing Pokemon Legend Arceus. We also bought my oldest kid the new Kirby game and she plays it all the time on my switch. I dont get to use my switch much cause im busy through out the week but I usually find time on the weekend. Everythings been good, just taking every day as it comes, how are you and you kitties gaia_kittenstar
ozmalu Report | 02/02/2022 1:00 pm
My friend code is
ozmalu Report | 02/01/2022 9:54 am
Yepp! I play mostly ACNH and Breath of the Wild smile Yah no problem, I'll give u my friend code when I get the chance! I think thats how it works lol. I dont get to play much unless its the weekend cause of work and my kids. My oldest kid loves playing ACNH too but she just messes around and changes her outfit every 5minutes rolleyes Yah me too! The DLC brought me back! I was playing before the DLC but not as much as the begining. I made it my goal to get every villagers picture.
Oh man that must be nice. I've never had kittens before, just that older cat we adopted from the shelter. Are they indoor cats only? Do they like to play around? biggrin yah before we adopted the pug my gf would foster dogs from her work so we had a new dog every couple of weeks until theu got adopted smile
So are you getting hit hard up north with this winter storm coming tomorrow?? We're gonna get 8-10in of snow, great! gonk
ozmalu Report | 01/27/2022 8:22 am
Oops sorry! I submited my last comment on accident. Its so annoying using Gaia on my phone but its the only way I can sweatdrop
Hey as long as youre staying active thats all that counts!
Go ahead tell me all about your kitties! My gf and I recently adopted a pug from a shelter, well she did but I didnt want another dog but what can you do I guess stare
We have three dogs and two of them are from the shelter. She actually works in an animal shelter so we got the pug from there. We also adopted a cat from there a couple of years ago but she passed away a while ago, she was so old sad
No way you have more hours in ACNH than me! I have like 396 or something! Its the only game I have though so I play it once in a while. The DLC helps a lot too.
Nothing muc going on here in Gaia lol. I dont plan on leaving anytime soon so Ill be here whenever you check in lol. Thank you and Happy New Year to you as well. Hope 2022 is better for everyone sweatdrop
ozmalu Report | 01/27/2022 8:13 am
Hey! Glad you're doing well in these crazy times! Nothing new with me, just working and going to the gym. smile surviving I guess lol.
ozmalu Report | 05/24/2020 10:09 am
Its ok, dont worry! Real life always comes first biggrin Im getting more hours back at work so its nice to be making money again! So my gyms suppose to open tomorrow on monday but my card on file expired after the lockdown! Which means my payments havent been taken and my keyfob doesnt work so I cant go tomorrow! crying Ive been emailing them since Thursday but they dont respond! Ill try calling tomorrow I hope they answer sad I know what you mean, I hope I didnt lose a lot of strength and cant still lift like before. The past week I just lost all motivation and I havent done anything! Good luck to you, hope your gym opens soon and you can go back to before as well!!
ozmalu Report | 04/24/2020 10:10 am
Yah unless us members were cleaning after ourselves, which I always do! Im always checking their facebook and a few days ago they said they are planning on opening May 2nd. Im very excited and hope it goes through so i can go back. Ill gladly wear a mask at the gym so I can go! Its hard to stay motivated! Its even harder because its not the same thing as actually being at the gym, much less motivated at home and I barely have any equipment. Are you going back to the gym right away once they open or are you waiting a while more? Yea I saw Georgia is opening a lot of things here soon. Its good youll be going to work soon, having no income is so hard! A lot of people have been filing for unemployment here but from the look of things there are so many people who havent gotten any unemploment money. I hope the rest of the year goes easy for us sweatdrop
ozmalu Report | 04/09/2020 12:33 pm
Yah they are visiting, but yea this is happening everywhere. They were much more isolated back in Mexico compared to here so they are better off in Mexico! I think they are both over 70 years old so they are very high risk. I think the fault lies in the gym itself because they didnt shut down to members. I believe staff are not working anymore but letting current members come and go since its a 24hr gym and we have a key to get in. Im so paranoid in how much progress im going to lose the longer this goes, I feel you! sad In the meantime I ended up buying some dumbells, doing push ups/ sit ups, and squatting while holding my dog lol. Yah its been so warm here, yestersay I think it was in the 70s! Ive been going outside and walking with my kids so thats nice. Lol yes I hope this is the only pandemic I have to go through in my life lol
ozmalu Report | 03/28/2020 2:27 pm
Weve been having nice temps here too but its literally raining on those days! Its suppose to be upper 70s here today but its storming! So my gym is kinda closed I guess? So our governor said we are under a stay at home order or something like thay so all nonessential jobs have to be closed, including gyms. Ive been passing my gym a couple of times this week and I see cars out front and people going in! So like im wondering is the gov. Asking us to stay home or telling us too? Im just a bit confused but I miss the gym I really wanna go but will I get in trouble like I dont understand lol! Yea I know, as much as I hated how things were before this and wanted change so bad I totally miss how things were! This also messes up with my plans on saving money and moving away and finding a better job gonk im glad my gf has a job to help us during these times but money is super tight! Hope this all gets under control soon, stay safe out there! Ive been avoiding my parents as well and my grandparents are here from mexico, theyre super old so we have to be extra careful with them!
ozmalu Report | 03/19/2020 7:37 am
Yah there isnt much to do on Gaia besides forums really!
Yea we got quarantined too, all restaurants and bars are take out and delivery only! I saw on the news the day Illinois was put under this rule and I was like damn we're next! Yepp, so the next day we were put under the same rules! Most gyms are closed here, is yours still running? Did you prepare beforehand with supplies? I think its crazy how almost everything was out of stock, and still kinda is, right after all this started happening. My parents own a small food business here and they got hit pretty bad, I hope they can recover losses after this is all over. sad I hope by April everything is better and places can reopen. Im not really worried about the virus, im much more worried about how this is gonna affect everyone financially and how hard itll be to find jobs once stuff is over.


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