I'm Emily. & Heres a few short details about myself, feel free to message me if you'd enjoy knowing more. But please don't send reqests when I haven't talked to you.
~ I'm Taken by an amazing violinist, & singer, named Alex. We met at a concert we were both preforming in, and we just kind of hit it off.
~ I'm a concert violinist in my middle school orchestra, second chair.
~ My sister (not related bioligically) is Kathleen, I love her to death.
~ The whole reason I'm on this site is because my darling Anna. I love you, girl.
~ I'm an "Emo". Don't bother me, or I'll infect you too. I lied, I'm not contagious anymore. Most of us got our rabies shots this month. But call me an "Emo," or anything, and be prepared for a large lecture.
~ I love my family. My mom's out in California working, so I'm kind of like my own mother now.
~ I write everything to poetry, to book reviews.
That's just a few tidbits of information about myself, and as said previously, hit me up.
~Emily,or C h a r m e d.