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    my name is
    『 ⓒ ⓗ ⓐ ⓡ ⓛ ⓞ ⓣ ⓣ ⓔ ● ♡ ● ⓒ ⓗ ⓐ ⓡ ⓜ 』
    you may only call me Charlotte .

        » do not call me anything other than Charlotte.
        ★ if you think you know me by another name, you don't

        i am hard to get to know and even harder to understand. a lot of people have said a lot of things about me and most of them are 100% untrue. so i ask that you please get to know me before you make any choices on what to think. and if you are not willing to put the effort into getting to know me you do not deserve to have an opinion about me at all.
        so you can wallow in your ignorance, or you can talk to me.


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    j u l y ||❤|| f i r s t `o9 - f o r e v e r

    this is Aoi Phantomhive, the one and only.
    ☾ Sir Crepe on Gaia ☽
    he is my best friend, as well he owns my heart. i am madly in love with him. i live only to serve him, without him i have no reason or purpose. i awake only to spend even a single second with him, and sleep only to have him haunt my dreams. he has made me from the ground up, i owe my entire being to him. i would do anything for him, with no exceptions. i adore him, love him, serve him. he is the only thing in my life that is constant, the only person who can brighten my mood when i am down, and the only person whose opinion matters to me other than my own. if you bother him i will hate you, if he hates you i will hate you, if he tells me not to talk to you i wont talk to you. his wishes come first, and always will. even when, on the rare occasion, i date someone, he will come first.
    i have stalked him since some time in 'o5, known him since some time in 'o7, we met in July of 'o9 and we have lived together since November of 'o9, and i never plan on leaving his side.
    he is my Lord.


    ❤ i really love ❤
    ☓ i really hate ☓

    » Aoi Phantomhive
    people «

    » music that i cannot understand the language
    music in English «

    » Lolita/Gothic attire
    boring attire «

    » makeup
    people to lazy to wear it «

    » fake nails
    short/ugly nails «

    » not using contractions
    when i accidently use a contraction «

    » the figure of a female body
    nudity, especially genitalia «

    » purity
    drugs, sex, alcohol, etc «

    » long hair
    short hair «

    » 100% human hair extensions
    synthetic hair extensions «

    » body modification
    facial piercing «

    » Mana
    Kyo «

    » Kozi
    Gackt «

    » well spoken people
    swear words «

    » baking
    people who cannot work an oven «

    » my dog
    her fur always shedding «

    » all animals
    animal abuse «

    » hot chocolate
    coffee «

    » lilac
    green «

    » soft colors
    loud colors «

    » money
    selfishness «

    » me
    you «


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Gothic Ohsare Kei

C H A R L O T T E ||❤|| C H A R M