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            Name: Charles Wilhelm DuPont
            Nicknames or Aliases: Charlie, Boyo, Charlie-Boy
            Age: 26
            Race: Half-English, Half-French // Human // Werewolf
            Employment: None // Drifter, vagrant, bum // gambler, petty criminal, menace to society // tinkerer
            Languages: English (Common), "Cockney", French.
            Relationship Status: Mated, but not married.
            Special Traits: Enhanced hearing, smell, and healing rates. High Stamina. Faster than average running speed. Outstanding strength. "Animal attraction".
            Weaknesses: Silver, wolfsbane, and mistletoe. Also forced to change forms every full moon. Does not have control over shape-shifting abilities.
            Personality Traits: Cocky, witty, charming, loathsome, obnoxious, overconfident, hedonistic, street-smart, brave, somewhat honorable, loyal, almost trustworthy.