✝ . . . Notes

✗ Joined Gaia in [February O2, 2OO4]

✗ Female, Late 20s, Pisces, Nerdy & Proud, Short[-ish]

✗ Pet [Arnold the American Pit Bull Terrier]

✗ Gaia [free pixel crap], [charity stuff]

✗ Dates [O3.O3 Birthday] [11.O3.13 Anniversary]

✗ Always wishing for [Art]

✗ Currently wishing for [Unseen Princess] & [Outlying Princess of Lalune]

✗ Favorite Animals [Strawberry Poison Dart Tree Frog] [American Pit Bull Terriers]

✗ Favorite Colors [Greens] [Blues] [Purples]

✗ Favorite Songa [Il Libro Dell'Amore] [Silver Currents]

✗ Enjoys [Art] [Drawing] [Writing] [Tabletop RPGs] [Graphics] [Reading]

✗ Tabletop RPGs [World of Darkness] [Vampire the Requiem] [Mage the Awakening] [Changeling the Lost] [Anima Beyond Fantasy] [Warmachine]

✗ Books [Memoirs of a Geisha] [An Expert in Murder] [The Night Circus] [Daughter of Smoke & Bone]

✗ Shows [House of Cards] [House MD] [Sherlock Holmes]

✗ Anime [Attack on Titan] [The Devil is a Part-Timer] [Mushishi]

✗ Movies [Big Hero 6] [Maleficent] [Godzilla] [Despicable Me 1 & 2] [God Bless America] [ Princess Mononoke]

✗ [Dark] Chocolate

✗ Suffers from [Severe Memory Loss] [PTSD] [Anxiety]