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Been a Gaian since June 17th, 2007!

I met my fiancee on this very site, and they are the best person I'll ever come to know. I also met many kind and generous acquaintances, and even a few best friends who I continued to speak to outside of the world of Gaia.

I've shared many interests with various people through my little 'bouts of social-longing, whether that'd be in forums or Towns. And despite all my flaws and any times of hardship, my fiancee and a baby handful of others learned to accept me for who I am. No matter what, I'll never forget that.

Though, this is probably boring you, so I'll give you something a little more informative.

My avatar changes frequently, for I love having a lot of things. I also quest a lot and often have long wishlists.

My favorite items on Gaia are any kind of cat items, winter-themed items, Japanese-inspired items, and anything that is light blue and white or electric blue and navy.

I am a cisgender woman who is bisexual, and I am in an ongoing relationship and I hope to get married with the person I am in a relationship with.

My Myers-Briggs type is INFP, my temperament is Melancholic, and my alignment is Chaotic Good.

My favorite color is powder blue, my favorite animal is the Snow Leopard, my favorite genre of games are free-roam RPG's, and my favorite Pokemon is Raichu.

I do cosplay, but I'm hardly ever in character. I also like to roleplay, but only within fandoms I am familiar with and I only roleplay NSFW with my fiancee.

I also like to draw, write stories/fanficiton/poetry, and explore my imagination and creativity in various other ways, such as dressing up my avatar on Gaia.

I am typically very shy and changes to my usual routine unnerve me, but I adapt fairly quickly and I do warm up to people eventually. Feel free to message me or leave a comment if you want to chat. ouo
Chara Memerr
Kuro n Shiro

My fiancee, Trevor, who is the best person in the whole wide world. <3