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After putting it off for almost two years, I've finally decided to submit= a decent "About" description.=

I am 16 years old and a sophmore in WBSHS.=
I'm going to be moving away to Deltona, Florida August 1st and will= miss everything and everyone here in New York dearly.=

I love my closest friends and will miss them all the most.=
I also love my family, and unlike most kids my age, genuinely like my= parents.=

I'm told that I'm wise beyond my years.=
I'm very mature, but at times act childishly for fun because acting like= an adult can be tiresome.=

I love novelty items and all things that reminds me of when I was= little.=
I love 90's television.=

I'm in love with everything that is Disney, and part of me never wants= to grow up.=

I'm extremely outgoing and I'm always up for trying something new.=
I'm loud, crazy, and incredibly random.=

Nobody ever wants to get me angry, because I get very scary when I= am.=
Even my closest friends are scared of me.=

I'm a very passionate person, in pretty much everything I do.=

I'm lazy, and a humungous procrastinator, but when I set my mind to it= I'm a hardworker.=
I can be messy, but somehow stay organized.=
I love to sleep.=

Sometimes I can be a bit of a bully, and sound a lot meaner than I= intend to.=

I do really well in school, except for math this year.=
I'd like to be a high school teacher, either in some branch of science or= Spanish.=
A lot of my friends seem to be under the impression that I'm a genius,= but I'm really not.=

I love to read, and do so when I have time to spare.=

I am a good conversationalist, and just as well love to listen.=
People come to me for advice all the time and tell me I should write a= book.=

I'm a realist, and at times painfully honest.=
I speak the truth and I hate to lie.=
Once you lie to me, even once, it's very hard for me to rebuild trust.=

I can't stand it when people butcher the English language when they= speak, especially if it's their mother-tongue.=

I don't give up easily.=

I think I'm hilarious, and people tend to agree.=
Still, a lot of people really don't appreciate or even understand my= brand of humor.=

I'm addicted to adding "your mom" to the end of practically every= phrase.=
"That's what she said." xP=

I'm witty and sarcastic.=
VERY sarcastic.=
If I say something nasty to you it's usually because I like you and feel= that you understand me well.=

I talk to myself outloud and can entertain myself by doing so for= outstanding lengths of time.=

I love cartoons and anime intensely.=
I find Japanese culture interesting, both ancient and pop.=

I love fashion, but that doesn't mean I wear whatever is hot off the= runway.=
I wear whatever I like, and have a cool and funky style all on my= own.=
I'm in love with my wardrobe. This includes my small collection of= Converse Chuck Taylors.=

Dispite all that, I'm pretty far from materialistic.=
I'm also low maintainance and practically never wear make-up, only= for the most special of occasions.=

I pay meticulous attention to my hair and teeth.=
You could probably say I'm obsessed, but that's what happens when= you are stuck in braces for over four years.=
I've always obsessed over my hair.=

I was depressed and used to have terrible self-esteem issues.=
Now I'm better, but my self-confidence still wavers from time to time.=

I live for music.=
I listen to techno, funk, motown, electronica dance, alternative rock,= progressive rock, and some R&B but only if it has a good beat.=
I detest rap music.=
I sing soparano in my school's Mixed Choir, and I also take guitar= classes in school.=

I love to sing and act.=
I'm not very good at either.=

I'm pretty much a camera whore.=
Photography is awesome.=

I am the epitome of cool.=
I'm a legend in my own mind.=

I love being the center of attention, but I appreciate solitude every= once in a while, usually when I'm upset.=
I am terrified of being alone.=
I also have a tremendous fear of death, and sudden images that pop= out at my face.=

I'm a huge nerd and I love it.=
I'm a gamer in my own right.=
Mrs. Pacman and Tetris pwn.=
| 4M 1337.=

Cult classic movies are the greatest.=

I'm very flirty and love to be romanced.=
I'm also full of lust.=
I'm Bisexual=

I love to chat and occasionally roleplay.=
I'm very "literate" and can't stand AIM speak.=
This doesn't mean I'll jump down your throat if you misspell a word,= but please make an effort to sound atleast semi-intelligent during a= conversation.=
I'd love to make new friends, so contact me.=


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MacabreNouveau Report | 01/13/2009 12:52 pm

I guessing you haven't logged in in quite a while lol
MacabreNouveau Report | 10/24/2008 12:08 pm
Holy s**t, HYA LOVE!
jazzy says yarr Report | 06/27/2007 9:47 am
jazzy says yarr

miss you D:


jazzy says yarr Report | 03/17/2007 12:56 pm
jazzy says yarr
happy st pats daaaaay
jazzy says yarr Report | 02/17/2007 1:18 am
jazzy says yarr

oie lov jew
The Ultimate Truth Report | 02/14/2007 1:15 pm
The Ultimate Truth
jazzy says yarr Report | 01/28/2007 1:44 am
jazzy says yarr
OGPurpleKush Report | 01/24/2007 7:05 pm
[Miss you Mare-bear <333]
The Ultimate Truth Report | 01/09/2007 2:07 pm
The Ultimate Truth
OMG I MISS YOU SOO MUCH. This is Joey so you know.
XTarnishedTalonsX Report | 01/04/2007 1:56 pm


ZOMG! It's me! =0
Random PMs are much loved. <33

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