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Hello there, the name's John got it memorized? XD Glad you stopped in to have a look at my profile, though the theme is not my own work I still like though.

-A Bit About Me-
I'm 21 years old, so I guess I'm not that young anymore.
I'm about 5'8/5'9, though I might've grown again since I haven't checked in awhile.
I'm also Filipino, though my Tagalog could still use some work. I can understand a fair bit of it, but I can't really speak it.
I'm a real lover of language and am constantly trying to learn a new one. I'm only fluent in english, but I can speak a fair amount of French. I'm also learning Japanese, and after I've learned a fair bit of that I still want to learn Latin, Spanish, and Italian.

-Things I Like-
I love random donations of things. From junk to treasure I collect it all. Gold is also a very welcomed gift, since it helps me with my constant quests.

I also like it when people comment in my profile *wink wink* it makes me feel all warm inside when they say something nice, but theres nothing like randomness to really get at my funny bone.

-Things I Don't Like-
I cannot stand when people beg from me and are jerks about it. I don't mind if they're polite, but the second they start blabbing about how I'm rich so I should take pity on them, or whining about be hacked, etc, it's just plain annoying.

I also can't stand when people type like this: "LyK 0Mg j00 R 73H 1337 h4xZ0Rz, s0 lYk d()N473." Sure I can actually understand what you're saying, but honestly type properly or at least use letters. After all you did go to school at one point or another and if not, well I pity your poor soul.

-Other Things-
I'm very ambitious and try to be the best at everything I take part in, even here on things like GAIA. I one day want to own all the donation items to realize my supreme ambition. Impossible I know, but I don't tend to give up.

I'm always questing, and I mean always. In fact the day I stop questing will be the day I quit GAIA. Theres always something I want and as greedy as that is it's how I am. Luckily I'm not one of those people who begs for things. I like working to get them. It makes them all the more valuable to me. I've pollwhored and posted to get all the items I own, except for the monocle, which was the only item donation I ever received. Therefore if I can do it you can too.
Also slightly hypocritical to the above statement I do get little bits of help from my friends here on GAIA.


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Welcome to My World

Hey the names John and heres just something for me to keep track of the events of my life, so feel free to take a read you may even find something interesting.



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hit me up if you're ever online again sempai.
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Happy birthday. smile

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Happy birthday! User Image

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Good to hear that you like literacy,

I hate people speaking like:

OMFG y u s0 dum? U shud g0 k1ll urs31f


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That's good to head.

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Hey. how are you? ^_^
ya its shayla

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ya its shayla

nice avi

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Random comment! ^^

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eh, wazzup?


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