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Hello stranger,

You may have seen me around Chatterbox being silly and spreading love where I can and it seems that may have peaked your curiosity on who I may be behind the pixel so let me illuminate!

My name is Chartie, it's not really my name but it's one I've come to adore.
I'm in my late-twenties, and am a little behind in my milestones.
I've gone to school, and became a certified chef so I know my food and can work with even just a little to provide my family.
I'm family-oriented, hard-working and pretty laid-back.
I do have a temper but it takes a lot to really pop my lid. Unless you know which buttons to push.
I'm not perfect, but I'm pretty okay.

I enjoy singing, creating and caring. I try to keep positive in even the worst situations.
I keep my heart on my sleeve, and I'm tougher with experience.

I'm picking up reading again.
I'm trying to get healthier.
I'm working on making a better future for myself.

I like making friends, and hope they understand that I don't talk all the time.
I'm a listener, an extroverted introvert with so much on my mind but a voice that doesn't go over a whisper to speak them.

Here is where I will cease my introduction, and give you the chance to introduce yourself if you choose. I look forward to learning more about you. Even become a friend.

Ever curious,