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I absolutely love dragons. I also especially love the Legend
of Zelda N64 game! The graphics are extraordinary and the
gameplay is so gripping! I must have played the game at
least 5 times now (ie. finished the game)!

Other, PHOENIX WRIGHT: ACE ATTORNEY series is my current favourite! Take That! xd

UPDATE: Just finished the fourth game - Apollo Justice! Aw, the gameplay and storyline is A.MA.ZING!!

Fav book/series: The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. The female characters do get on my nerves, but I like the vivid descriptions and the in-depth characters.

I like anime a lot. 3nodding Western movies/TV shows cannot compare to the deep morals and themes of [most] animes! Favourites are listed in my Interests list on the left. Currently watching: KYOU KARA MAOU, HETALIA AXIS POWERS, xxxHolic, 07 Ghost.

And next up on Doctor Who: four THREE specials until David Tennant leaves! sad We'll miss you DT!

Also: Steven Moffat set to take on role of producer! :O We can all look forward to hiding behind the couch again! eek

Changed my mind about the Xmas special: IT WAS AWESOME! David Morrisey FTW! xd heart The Next Doctor! 3nodding whee

~*One thing I can't abide is poor writing. I've never realised the extent of it until I went to the Writing Arena. People: please, PLEASE at least spell your words properly and don't use acronyms. Emoticons really have no place in writing, but i guess it depends on what you're writing. The best thing to do is: READ MORE BOOKS and actually pay attention to sentence structure etc. especially when people speak! Thank you.*~

I also dislike the fangirling over Twilight. People have written better books.


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yay, dragons! *ahem* anyway...

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Name: Fireball

Words echoing through time and space...

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MegamanX0018 Report | 03/28/2011 7:35 pm
User Image I rarely feel the need to hit someone. But if I'm close to doing so, I warn them. If they were to keep on with whatever they were doing, they're gonna get hit. Hard. But I'll admit, I repress it like nobody's business.

Now I can say that I've finished a few games. And I do replay a few. But the ones I replay again are on the GBA. I don't think I've replayed any games on the console because of the fact that A) I still have so many left to start and others to finish, and B) The games on the GBA are so much shorter and easier to finish.

Mine would be so eye-catching that it'd need to be censored. xd

Yeah, the category I like to call "the idiots".

Well, it is sad, but I just don't understand why others can't be more kind and caring and why some feel the need to hurt or even kill others.

I haven't been on in almost 2 years. I don't think I'll be able to catch up to squat. xp User Image
mysterie13 Report | 12/10/2009 11:58 pm
Oh wow, I commented you before! =P Yeah I know about halloween...
SimplyLettuce Report | 11/21/2009 5:04 pm
thanks for buying ^^
mysterie13 Report | 10/21/2009 1:21 am
Hey, Do you still play Gaia? Hehe...I have the net now =D.
Dhez Report | 05/13/2009 7:29 am
School makes us sooo busy. Don't worry.

Are you talking about the new stuff from the suspicious package random box? If so I agree because they're just made of awesome. Especially Putin the bear. I'd so buy him just for the epic item description. Unfortunately I am extremely pov right now after I bought a 2nd gen Kottan Bell yesterday. lol Ugh I've tried investing in EIs but there's always this little voice in my head that says, "Don't sell it! There might be a really awesome pose one day!" -itemwhore- It happened with my Fallen Wish, I kept putting off selling it until it finished evolving. Didn't particularly like any of the poses and by the time I sold it when it finished its evolution, the price fell like 50k. So now I just buy EIs I like for keeps.

I'm sitting at the front so I can't get away with drawing in my maths book anymore. Haaa~ Wish I could draw guys. ;3; Lol that happens to me a lot, sometimes I get this brilliant idea that looks absolutely smashing in my mind but when I convert it to paper, it looks like really bad.

Heck yeah I miss seeing everyone in IST! Good times, really good times. Remember that day when we all went on Hotel 626? XD I don't have any classes with anyone, not even people in my group... And here I thought choosing biology and chemistry would give me a better chance of seeing them.

Speaking of Yugioh, Raine showed me the Yugioh Abridged series. Man, it was so worth watching all of the episodes instead of doing Stock's Prize. Yes... the heart of the cards! rofl

For me, as long as there is chemistry and development in a romance then I'll like it. I just hate the ones that are like childhood friends already in love! For Pete's sake, don't just hand this to me. I want to watch it grow from nothing into something! Hence why I like tsundere characters. Haha. x] Don't worry I thought the same about VK too and Zero looks so much like Kaname in the most recent chapter. I guess that's what a year's passing does but oh well, he's so 'badass vampire hunter' now. Do like. 8D (He only got one page though...)

Ur hur. Well... lol Borat is a mockumentary about a man named Borat from Kazakhstan. He is on a mission to make a documentary about the American way of life to show it to his people. So basically he flies to America and well, let's just say he causes quite a shitstorm. Be warned, the movie can be rather 'crude'. It's MA15+ for a reason. lol. Sex jokes, ethnic jokes, anti-feminist jokes, homosexual jokes and cultural jokes abroad. It really is funny and worth the watch if you like that kind of satire.

Omg King Arthur! Wow that sounds really interesting, my cousin was going to make me watch Merlin with her last Sunday but we got distracted by Smash Bros. lol. Next time.
Head or Heart Report | 05/06/2009 1:19 am
Head or Heart
Thanks for buying ^^ injoy.
Dhez Report | 05/03/2009 5:51 am
Have you read the new Gaia manga chapters? They're hilarious! Rabid tentacle fangirl and Edmund/Louie scene. LOL that part reminded me so much of Vampire Knight.

Gah I wish I bought the Kottan Bell earlier when the 1st gen was still in the 100k zone. I want the new poses. -grabby hands- Guess I'll settle for questing for a 2nd gen now then maybe upgrading to a 1st gen later. :]

I admire you, I haven't even touched that Yako picture since I uploaded the sketch to show you. LOL. Ooo head perspectives, the good ol' days. Good luck! >w< I haven't drawn an anime profile view in a long time, not even sure if I can still do it anymore.

Our IST anime group... Hehe. I know Let watches Asian dramas and she has seen the Death Note live action movie. Not sure if anime comes into it but I don't think she's part of the reason why Angie got into anime. lol. I remember Angie telling me that she was bored during the holidays and decided to revisit CSS. Then she found Tsubasa... and then she discovered other CLAMP stuff along the way. XD

Ha ha, Toonami was a 1.5 hour session of anime every week day afternoon on Cartoon Network (I think 4:30 - 6:00, my memory's a bit hazy). It showed stuff like CCS, Pokemon, Gundam Wing (not sure why, GW was pretty mature) and DBZ. While Adult Swim went on from I think 10:30PM - 12AM. It's called Adult Swim because it showed some more mature cartoons and anime like Cowboy Bebop, Orphen and Trigun. Bloody violence and mild adult themes, not really that sexual as the name implies though. Nothing close to hentai at all, don't worry. LOL. It was more suitable for people our age, I didn't watch much of it when I was in year 5. Too late at night for me. XD

Wow I remember watching Yugioh on Channel 10 in the mornings (Cheese TV?) but then I remember they stopped showing it 1/3 of the way through the err... arc where they have that mounted card machine on their arms. Digimon was good until say after the second season. It got boring after that like Pokemon. DBZ on the other hand, believe it or not I probably watched all the episodes when I was in year 5. The dubbed dialogue was pretty terrible in the sense that it seemed to drag on at times especially during fights. One episode "I AM GOING TO DEFEAT YOU!" next episode "I'M STILL TRYING TO DEFEAT YOU! Oh snap your power level is OVER 9000!" but it had some great humour, memorable characters, running gags, intense fight scenes and an actually okay plot. I actually liked the plot arcs towards the end, just look past and accept the silly idea of super muscley men that power up and magically get gold hair and you'll be fine. lol I'd love to know what the Japanese version is like.

I'm not sure about the word for the readers. Shounen actually means young boy and shoujo, young girl but they use it to name the genres. XD Bleach I might consider an episode or two since I have a thing for those kendo-looking outfits (thanks a lot Yama :T). Naruto... nah. Don't like ninjas. Hooray! I love anime that just fulfil the job of entertainment, yes some seriousness is a bonus sometimes but definitely not a rule in my book for me to like it. x] I relate more to memorable characters rather than an uber original plot actually. I don't care if something's cliche, it's how it's presented that matters. Aww, I'm a sucker for romances... =3= It needs really good chemistry though. Of course.

I hear so many people watching Merlin. What's it like? Well err I watched Borat on TV tonight (second viewing, first time was in year 8 ). rofl
Dhez Report | 04/25/2009 5:45 pm
Lol I'm the other way around! I'm happy to shell out 30k+ for a huge set of commons but I feel stingy about buying one collectible that costs the same amount. Guess I'm not good at investing. :lol: Well unless it's something I've always wanted like my A. Staff but saving up any amount over 200k takes so long. When I started, I poll whored (ah 10g a poll days...) and did those random quizzes in the Chatterbox for 1-4g a post. Yeah it took ages but things weren't as expensive as they are now. Remember 10k MCs? -reminisces- Wait better not remember, since I sold my first MC which was a Butterfly Mantilla for 10k back in those days. :gonk: [/shot] Oh well, long gone are the days of posting. Now it's vending and exchanging! Hehe the Celestial is sparkly! One day I'll put the hat on, I used it a ton during '07 but now I've run out of ideas for red avatars so...

True that, I really admire traditional artists. o: Urgh I have so much trouble drawing hands. I actually force myself to just draw hands by themselves without anything else until they look somewhat normal. XD Practice, practice, practice. Yeah I run into a lot of problems like that too. I draw something, move on and when I come back I realise it's a bit out of proportion but it's too late to change since I've gone into the details already. -sigh- Good luck! Figure drawing is difficult. D: I search tutorials about the proportions every now and again since I forget them sometimes.

Tell me about it! 8D I never expected either of them to get into an anime phase. The first time I found out that Angie got into Cardcaptors was totally WOW and cool. Err I may have been a bit responsible for Raine since I got her into MTNN. -whistles- :lol: Oh yeah, I get so lost when they start ranting about it since I haven't watched much CLAMP. -tearyeyes- Lol school life is so fun to watch but yeah I agree, it'll never ever happen irl, one can dream. Yay Lelouch and L! I'm not into REALLY mysterious people but I do know I like tsundere guys like Zero and Len. Hur hur hur. They seriously crack me up, acting all serious on the outside but being like a marshmallow in the inside. 8D

Numbers just whistle over my head. LOL. They can say them so fast sometimes, I totally miss the big numbers over 1000. =__= Shoujo = 'girls manga' mainly about relationships and romance. Shounen = 'boys manga' usually a mix of action and comedy. Yes 'Seinen' is like the grownup version of shounen. I think it has darker themes but apparently Chobits is seinen so... 8D I think they mean overrated by: it doesn't deserve so much praise because it actually isn't that great. Personally, I think it's a mainly subjective word. e.g. Twilight is overrated, the writing sucks but of course some fans wouldn't agree. XD

Lmao, isn't Naruto just about battles and ramen? [/bricked] jks, I don't know since I haven't watched more than two episodes (in english! -gasp-) but that was the impression I got from it. Yeah I totally agree. If I follow an anime that's over 100 episodes long which I've done (DBZ way back in the past), I wouldn't be bothered to read the manga and vice versa. Like Reborn for example, 200+ chapters and 100+ episodes. Luckily I dislike the art in the anime so I cbs to watch. LOL. Weird pairings... -thinks- I remember someone telling me about HarryxHogwarts. No, LITERALLY Hogwarts the building, not everyone in Hogwarts. :rofl: Also any of those selfcest pairings like future Edward Elric with his past self. I'll try and come up with some more I've encounted, I have a mind blank right now.

I was going through a Friends phase on TV but then they stopped airing it on Channel Ten for some reason. D&lt; Darn why didn't I steal my brother's DVD with all the seasons on it? Yeah I like clinging onto one fandom for a bit before I let go and move onto another one but of course, like you said there'll always be those one or two characters that you'll take along the way. XD They don't even show Toonami on Cartoon Netwo
MegamanX0018 Report | 04/25/2009 1:13 pm
User Image But, some of the time, in the deep absesses of our minds, we hear a faint voice say, "You should hit him. Go ahead, why shouldn't you? He's begging for it..." mrgreen xd Unfortunately, I actually beat them once and I'm done. Although I've yet to beat most of the ones I have now. But when they have different difficulties, I play it on normal, then progress from there. Only then, will I play easy. 3nodding That's the way I see it as well. Cars are a pain to take of, no matter which one it is. But I would like a car with a custom paint job. A... "unique" one I'll call it. xd Smoking is bad for you, we all know it. But for some reason, everybody chooses to ignore it, and keeps on smoking. Yeah, $1500 may seem like a lot, but I just might invest with it instead. Or... *stares at anime/hentai figurines and drools* . . . whee

Well, I guess I learned something new then. xd

You've got a point, but like I stated earlier, I just don't know. I would hope that I would help out though.

I guess. There is something to be said about that. Although, when it's a stranger, you could also get in quite the predicament. This person could have gone to jail for a murder he/she (but more likely he) commited, and that person could be a serial killer. But I guess that's why we don't reach out to others. You can't trust too many people these days.

I don't mind it at all. I'm enjoying this. 3nodding I don't really visit the forums at all. I end up strictly posting in my guild's forum only. Not sure why, but I do. User Image
MegamanX0018 Report | 04/25/2009 1:17 am
User Image Sure, you can add me as a friend. But the response will have to come later. Sleep is needed now. User Image User Image

Words to keep in mind

"This is the Royal Academy of Science! We don't need to [i:9c1ac3c7c0]prove[/i:9c1ac3c7c0] anything!"

[img:9c1ac3c7c0] Who Sigs/signature-Doctor1.jpg[/img:9c1ac3c7c0]

Isn't it disturbing that doctors call what they do [i:9c1ac3c7c0]practice[/i:9c1ac3c7c0]?

I think of you as 2D: you may be flat to some, but you'll never be plain in my eyes. (Math-nerd, me ^^)


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"I'm really glad that worked.
Those would have been terrible last words." -9th Doctor

"People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect,
but actually, if you look at it from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint,
it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey...stuff." -10th Doctor

"I'm the Doctor. I'm a Time Lord.
I'm 903 years old and I'm the man that's
going to save your lives and all 6 billion people
on the planet below.

...Is there a problem with that?" -10th Doctor

"It may be a week or a month.
But if you can wait, I'll find you."
-Chris Johnson (Next)