Well Im Nicholas, Im 13 and in the 9th grade...good friends with Kevin h. Kevin got me into Eureka seveN and so I made some movies for it because I love to make movies with my computer. I take Spanish which honestly sucks a**...even though I get a B or higher on everything in class. You may see me riding my bike any day and everyday...its pink...unfortunatley...its from the freaken dump but I have to admit it is a pretty darn good bike and I love to ride from the border of Clinton to the next. I also enjoy making amature rockets.
the next crap is from the interests thingy which didnt fit:::

Favorite Movies/Anime

Lets see here....I like most of the newer movies...the film industry has been making some pretty good films lately....however I cant decide. As for anime...well...I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE ANIME!!!.....especially the series called Eureka seveN <<<thanks to Kevin H for that obsession or tuskiakari266. yeah...hes my best friends brother...and sometimes I like kevin more then my best friend.

Favorite TV Shows

I cant say I have any favorite tv shows except the programs G4 tv and Adult Swim...my favs. FLCL rocks along with X Play and all those coolio shows on G4...I know FLCL isnt on G4 but who cares...its on tv...thats all that matters.I guess I can settle there...WAIT! Im a grat fan of LOST also...thoguh it just keeps leaving u hanging with makes it not the best...yeah...

Favorite Reads

My favorite reads?...something sounds wrong in that grammar...not sure what though. Well Im not a fan of books too much...some comics such as sonic and those other awsome ones...Im pretty much for the manga. I like Orphen, Blame!, Meru Puri, oh and my favorite of tehm all is Comic Party...not long but I liked it.

Favorite Music/Bands

Oh boy...lets see here...just bring up my playlist and see what we can do here....my fav bands:

the fratellis, billy talent, red hot chili peppers, rammstein, boys like girls, greenday, rollingstones, steppenwolf, led zeppelin, acdc, maximo park, augustana, the afters, bloc party, bowling for soup, the all american rejects, cartel, fall out boy, dashboard confessionals, yellowcard, evanesence, sum41, feeder, motion city soundtrack, the acedemy is, bink182, flyleaf, gold finger, goo goo dolls, panic! at the disco, franz ferdinand, modest mouse, mxpx, my chemical romance, ok go, the fray, anberlin, the pillows, pink, saves the day, snow patrol, relient k, sugarcult, paramore, taking back sunday, linkin park, emery, cardigans, the outline, three doors down, asian kungfu generation...yeah thats some of them because there are so many...well i can say that I get these bands and such from the radio staion idobi...so if u want like punkrock music and stuff then go to http:/www.idobiradio.com/

Favorite Hobbies/Interests

My hobbies or interests would have to mainly be using the computer and building rockets. I dont have to explain myself about the computer part because everyone knows that the computer rocks our world, possibly a bit too hard at times…but anyhow…Oh yeah…rocket building. I got Kevin H into this hobby. Its so awesome because u just build something that can fly using cardboard, an engine from a hobby store, and some fins and s**t. When u launch it, it either launches off very nicely and lands all normal, or u can have it whatever way the ******** u want, Kevin and Mikeys ideas: fireworks in the rocket, gasoline in the rock, hell they just wanna see some pretty cool freakin explosion…and quite honestly…who doesnt?...^^