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Hellooo, this is Tae.

I have left Gaia.
I could not stand the spam PMs.
You can find me at:

If the spam PMs have stopped, please let me know!

I love to draw. Yes, I drew that one over there ->.
I'm not looking to get rich, I'm looking to draw and have fun.

I'm willing to tackle almost any commission:
simple avatars
not-nearly-so-simple avatars
original characters
et cetera
If I've never done it before, I'll darn well learn how.

Styles I offer:
Pencil sketch - This is my special deal for users on a budget because it's so quick, easy, and fun (And really, they're pretty cute)
Finished lineart (pencil or digital) - It's a smooth, clean linework with a lot of love, spit and polish put into it. Okay, maybe just love and polish. No spit.
Colored pencil - This is the quickest method of coloring that I can do, and the result is a nice, soft cel-shading look.
Cel-shading - Digital coloring takes some time for me (mostly because I end up drawing the linework twice), but I can gurantee the clarity and neatness of the finished product. My perfectionism is on your side!
Fancier - This is an additive to Cel-shading, and makes it prettier, softer, glowier, shinier, etc., and it takes the most time. But it's really cool.

I don't have asking prices any more - I have asking items. Art for an item off my wishlist. If you want something Fancier, offer me one of the more expensive items on my list. If you just want a pencil sketch, the least expensive items on my wishlist are A-OK.

So send me a PM and we'll chat!
These are things I'll need to know, so please tell me:
SUBJECT: Who/what you want drawn (and how many, how much, etc.). If it's a specific character, references or character sheets can be super helpful, though I really don't mind working from scratch or text descriptions.
CHARACTERISTICS: Personalities/characteristics/mood of the subject you are commissioning me to draw. This is really crucial to include if you do have something in mind!
Alternatively, you could also tell me what you'd like the subject to be doing.
STYLE: Tell me any style preferences you may have (more anime/toony, more realistic, somewhere in-between, chibi, etc.), and which rendering method you might prefer. You could pick something listed above, or if you saw something else you liked on my deviantART gallery, you could ask for that. I'm also fairly skilled at imitating other styles as well, with a reference.
The more you can think of to tell me, the better! Talk my ear off all you like if I tell you I'm interested in your offer!

- No big ol' backwings, under most circumstances.
- I'm wary of doing romantic pairing requests, but as you can see, I've done some before.
- I reserve the right to decline commissions at my own discretion at any time, with a full refund back to you.
- Patience. I've graduated from college, and I have a whole new set of problems. It might take a while to finish a fancy-colored commission.
I don't seek commissions when I know I won't be able to finish in a reasonable amount of time.
Under ideal circumstances, I should be able to finish just about anything within a week or two, possibly even an hour for a pencil sketch. Under bad circumstances, it might take twice that long. Longer than that, and I will avoid commissions.

How it goes
PM conversation
You send the trade and leave it open
Tae draws
Tae sends a progress picture via PM
You give feedback
Tae finishes, based on your feedback
Tae sends a preview picture via PM
Tae approves the trade
You approve the trade
Tae sends the finished picture via PM
And everyone lived happily ever after.

Current projects:
- Hattey - (finishing the sketch)

Finished projects:
[Angel Kratos] - OC Art (Colored Pencil)
Yin Yun Yang - OC Art (Fancy Coloring)
Shattering Skies - OC Art (Fancy Coloring)
Agent Crab - OC Art (Cel-Shading)
Kadoari - Avi Chibi (Finished Pencil)
Suki Bella Rios - Avi Art (Fancy Coloring)
Various zOMG-ers - Freebie Badges (Pencil Sketch)
Various zOMG-ers - Freebie Badges (Pencil Sketch)
0_Vice_Captain_Yachiru_0 - Avi Art (Colored Pencil)
Tyrannde - WoW Art (Fancy Coloring)
Itachi-Uchihah - Avi Art (Fancy Coloring)
Zelobanio - Avi Art (Finished Pencil)
Yin Yun Yang - OC Art (Finished Pencil)
Menlusa - Avi art (Colored Pencil)
The Last Martyr - Avi art (Fancy Coloring)
Generic Superhero Name - OC Battle Art (Cel-Shading)
Asliam77 - OC Art (Fancy Coloring)
Generic Superhero Name - OC Art (Cel-Shading)
Graduate from college without dying - (SUCCESS!!)
Generic Superhero Name - OC Art (Colored Pencil)
Shoe Slayer - Avi art (Pencil Sketch)
Wakubo - Blurb art (Cel-Shading)
SilverVulpine - 3k kiriban (Fancy Coloring)
Tyrannde - Avi art (Cel-Shading)
Tyrannde - OC art (Colored Pencil)
Tyrannde - OC art (Colored Pencil)
Dimensionwolf - 1k kiriban (Finished Pencil Lineart)
Screaming Electron - Avi Art Freebie (Pencil Sketch)
loopyfox - Avi Art (Colored Pencil)
noxlilyxonxmyxgrave - Avi Art (Finished pencil lineart)
MiyuSawyer - Special Request (Custom coloring)
ichasemonks - Art Trade (Fancy Coloring)
Twili Chaos and Princess Kyukon - Pseudo-Avi Art (Cel-Shading)
Demon of the Twilight - Avi Art (Cel-Shading)
Itachi-Uchihah - Avi Art (Fancy-ish Coloring)

For just about every example ever, scroll down to the bottom of this section, or go and check out my deviantART account (my sketches and some pencil drawings are likely in my 'Scrapbook' section, not my Gallery).

Thanks so much to Katsoyu/Ryuoku for all the amazing birthday present-items! Go visit her, too, especially if you want to meet an amazing artist for hire!

Thank you Itachi-Uchihah for being so generous and giving me that red notebook on top of it all! *big hug*

Finally, thank you The Great Particle Wad for only for helping me on my item quest way back when, but for gifting me... AN ANGELIC STAFF?! She does cool commissions, too!

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netamii Report | 06/19/2014 7:59 am
I love it myself xD
It was a lucky coincidence that i got it, keiiii did an art freebie thread during one of the events :D
Aelinel Report | 05/21/2014 10:55 am
Thank you very much! heart
meganhughesabc Report | 04/12/2014 7:27 pm
Just wanted to say, you art is AMAZING! I'm more hands on artist, but Iv'e done some computer art. I also lean more towards realistic, but I can gladly say I love your anime style art. Its fantastic.
meganhughesabc Report | 04/12/2014 7:22 pm
Oh thanks very much! smile
OV8ION Report | 11/10/2012 4:30 pm
Hallooo! Liked your Tattoo / ink guide. Would like to point out that gray body dye is 20k, not 21k as stated. Maybe they changed it at some point, but that's the figure I'm looking at in Devon's display.
Krazy-Koo Report | 10/31/2011 11:11 am
Hey there!

Please take some time to check out Grape Juice. I made some posts to start some discussion on what to do with the guild. Thank you!
Tyrannde Report | 10/23/2010 4:43 am

Hey! Your CoP finally evolved! ((Just finished reading the topic you made
on it for not evolving earlier today xD ))
Song of Sickness Report | 10/15/2010 2:40 pm
Song of Sickness
Thanks cool
Tyrannde Report | 08/30/2010 11:01 am
Happy Belated Birthday Tae!!
Hope you had a good one!
Shai-tan Report | 08/28/2010 5:48 am
Happy birthday Tae. biggrin

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