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Say it:Cerulean
Moan it :kia
Eye color: almost black but not wink
Super power: MY CUTE POUT

*cocks eyebrow* so you wanna know about me?
Well I am the wolf that is let out among the sheep*looks fierce**sarcasm* growl

*tries and feels*bursts out in hysterical giggles*
IM A FUN Loving poetic fifteen year old CANDAIAN
Um i love lavendar ...and BOYS *rolls eyes*sarcasm* dont we all!
I LOOOOOOOVE THEM COOKIES.I LOVE READING AND WRITING POETRY.I think without dance i would not survive, when i am dancing i feel an unbrideled passion and sense of self(which should be felt when you do something you love) and i have to say i am damn good at it. I write music and play tons of instruments. I go by many things like KIKI AND PUDDING POP*smiles scarily* jaxx tries to run away* but akia pounces and smothers with kisses
heres just a little bit of advice...when life gives you pillows...smother people you hate biggrin CIAO PEOPLEs
P.S COMMENT ABOUT WHATEVER YOU WANT AS LONG AS ITS NOT MEGA SUPER UBER HURTFULL....COMMENTINGS TELL ME THAT YOU ARE NICE. lol something i find amusing : And God said unto John, come forth and recieve everlasting life...well John came fifth and won a toaster (btw im a christian) a lil bit of religious humor wink


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Report | 11/13/2006 7:33 pm


Hello person who I've never heard of before XD You look cool. I like your intrests, your profile and your avi too. XDXDXDXD Well, it was nice meeting you, have a nice day!
Violet n_n

Report | 06/16/2006 3:37 pm

Violet n_n

Hey Akia! <3
Love you too!!! smile
But you know that already.

Skittle Pride, my friend. Skittle Pride. Lavender Love.
From Violet
- n_n

Report | 03/24/2006 10:04 pm


Ooooh!!! CERULEIN-CHAN! I MISS YOU MUCHLY! Comeback soon...or just pop into the GSA...or drop me a PM...or SOMETHING! Miko-chan misses you!!
Pengu: *poke*
And Pengu too >.>
Invisible Ukulele

Report | 03/07/2006 4:02 pm

Invisible Ukulele

I find it ammusing that you put a halo on your dream avvi.


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