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Total Value: 755,302 Gold
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Celestial Wrap
Elegant Veil
Enchanted Strings
Ice Tiara
Radiant Prism
Oculus Magica
Iced Sugarplum Tiara
Dreamer's Dust
Prism Butterfly Mantilla
Magical Girl
Kong Sang Scarf
Cherry Blossom

im juz an average teen age girl with a wild imagination when it comes to the topic stories,poems,composing lyrics plus i'm also an anime addict...

i'm currently a senior high school student in St. Louis School...

I used to be an LLC ( Louisian Liturgic Club) member * more like the one's that helps the priest in stuff like that... so yeah i'm really that religious* and right now i'm joining two clubs and those are Filipino Script Writing Club and Publication *it took me just a simple news event going around in our school just to join to that club and it was a success*...

My fave subjects i guess all academic and non academic subjects excluding MATH!!!!!!! *i hate it *

things that i like people who are original i mean like they are true to their selves...
i love composing my own original stories, poems etc... *i guess I've mention it above.... laughs* *smiles*
i like everything romantic and cute plus i love ITALIAN stuffs
*pasta are my fave food... delicious!!!!!!!!!!*
i like composing my own song though i don't know how to play a guitar but i'm currently practicing in playing piano because i love soft romantic melodious songs especially if the message of the song touches my emotions...

my dislikes well the total opposite of people who are great pretenders and i so totally hate and afraid of worms.....
*i you wanna know why just send me in private message and i'll tell you why*

i'm actually a book lover * don't you ever call me a book worm because i hate it...* any kind of genre i like to read but as long as the story is interesting

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- to be continued.......-


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Report | 05/03/2011 5:06 am


Hellooo! i love yor avatar, its sooo soooo cool heart biggrin xd cool

Report | 08/28/2010 6:35 am


cool avi

Report | 01/15/2010 5:06 pm


Polka-Dot Pudding

Report | 12/12/2009 4:48 pm

Polka-Dot Pudding

I'm So sorry it took so long to respond!
My computer got an un-fixable virus, so we had 2 get a new one...
But i'm happy for you!
going to college and stuff
my parents said that if i go, they'll pay for my first two years....
then i'm on my own....
Polka-Dot Pudding

Report | 11/28/2009 6:26 am

Polka-Dot Pudding

Don't woory, i know what u mean...
my school has given me tons of projects lately>.<
I know what youcan do!
Be a pediatrician with thesideincome of a journalist,
and in your spare time,
writea novel!
Everything's fixed!
but that is A LOT of college....
i think i'm going to do online college instead...
if i get college at all.....
Polka-Dot Pudding

Report | 11/22/2009 1:48 pm

Polka-Dot Pudding

I wish i could get u some sleep...
but that's really hard to do...
and why are u being interveiwed?
Polka-Dot Pudding

Report | 11/21/2009 6:38 am

Polka-Dot Pudding

o KOOL!!
i wanna go 2 Hong Kong!
I wish i could draw, too!
i've tried it... and it didn't work out so well...
i'm happy for you, though! ^.^
my hidden talent would be....
*drum roll*
backwards summersaults!
i just learned how 2 to them 2 days ago,
andi thik i've been doing pretty awesome ^.^
Polka-Dot Pudding

Report | 11/20/2009 6:08 pm

Polka-Dot Pudding

wow,if theymade it 3 times...
i'd DIE!
>.< (not literally,but anyways...)
what do you mean you won't be able 2 celebrate your Chritmas?
Polka-Dot Pudding

Report | 11/15/2009 5:50 am

Polka-Dot Pudding

Wow, winning at regionals stillis AWESOME!
even if u didn't win at nationals...
andthat is strict...
but i got grounded for 2 weeks for missing one assignment....
but i think my grades hadput them on the edge, and that they were half the reason
even though they didn't say that
becausei got 1 a, 2 C's, and 4 B's
but at leas the A was an A+! ^.^
but it was in band, which is the easiest grade EVER
Polka-Dot Pudding

Report | 11/08/2009 5:42 am

Polka-Dot Pudding

I do wish you luck!
don't be too nervous, sometimes that's what makes things go bad, but i'm sureyou'll be great!
*sigh* i hope mygrades go up, too.
I'm grounded bc of them,andi'mnot even surewhattheyare...
probably 2 or 3 C's... an A or 2, and 3 B's..... >.<