hi i don't really go on gaia anymore
other places to find me



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    <3 Darky

    Okay I'm going to make this
    Used to be Lola306/Seriously_Me lolol. Please call me Seri.

    Lately I post in random forums, if you really want to find out, stalk me.

    I think I would be someone who makes profiles, I'm not at the level of a profile designer. I started on 03/04/10!

    I'm ASIAN.

    I don't give out private information, like full name, age, address.... etc. You have permission to spam my "email" at mailtoserifromgaians@gmail.com.

    I love hats. I lost my favorite one, though. Dx
    "She is very good at wearing hats" -one of my classmates.

    I take afterschool stuff, if that's what you want to call it. Hm... Karate, Art, Chinese, and Piano.

    ~Karate: 3rd Brown Belt. For all you that have no idea, 3rd Brown Belt. And I know quite a bit of famous karate people. Not to go into detail, or you'll pinpoint my exact location. (But when I was six I did kick Mina Yamazaki in the shin XD)
    ~Art: I'm ok at drawing 'stuff', not people. D:
    ~Chinese: Don't ask. *facepalm*
    ~Piano: Level 8!

    I'm not very athletic, though I'm improving. ;D I've actually ran the same as the fastest girls in our PF class. 9 laps in 25 min. That's 3 miles. My fastest mile time is 8:36.

    I like to read fiction books. Not really nonfiction books, because those are boring.

    My fave band is OneRepublic. Never heard of them? Sad. They wrote Apologize, All the Right Moves, Secrets.... [I PREDICT THE NEXT HIT IN WAKING UP IS GOOD LIFE. 8D] I SWEAR I PREDICTED SECRETS WOULD BE A HIT BEFORE IT WAS A HIT. (Secrets is the song in Sorcerer's Apprentice, a ton of trailers.... I could name all their songs. They kick butt. ;D Can't wait for the third album. Really too bad they aren't recognized more. QQ
    Here they are:
    User Image
    My second fave band is Maroon 5. Both bands are very good artists. c: I also like The Script too. ^^
    I went to a concert with both of them. :3 10.10.2010. I think OneRepublic was better. Just saying!

    Also please don't tell me about Asian music, it's not my type. Just like how hip-hop and rap isn't my type 99% of the time. My type is.... songs similar to my playlist.

    I hate some artists. I really don't like Miley Cyrus [too much autotune], Justin Bieber [sounds like a girl; lol his voice cracked], and Kings of Leon [voice is.... eh]. And LMFAO. Don't get me started here. -___-'' I think anyone who can write songs has some talent, including the artists that I hate. And I respect their skill. It's just that they have to be able to sing.

    I also HATE beggars, these certain people I know, copiers, asparagus, etc.....

    Signing off~



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straight filthy Report | 01/06/2013 1:58 am
straight filthy
I know this is random, but how did you get your hypster player that color?
Flareons Report | 06/15/2012 5:17 am
        Hi there, would you mind telling me exactly how you got Hypster on your profile?
        I can't figure it out for the life of me, and I've looked up directions in forums and other sites, and they either don't make sense, or they're too old and don't work anymore. ;3;
Buffalo Macaroons Report | 03/17/2012 10:23 pm
Buffalo Macaroons
seriiiiiii <3
Jitaroo Report | 02/29/2012 3:39 pm
X3; Awww. Well I wish you the best of luck. o3o Glad you're good though. I'm fine I suppose, nothing major to report. lol

Your background's set to background-position: center; or something to that effect (Didn't actually check your code.) which makes the background not only align to the browser width ways, but also moves to the center vertically depending on the size of the browser window.
Jitaroo Report | 02/29/2012 3:03 pm
:D He~y. How are you? (Sorry about the late reply, not on Gaia much anymore.) Adorable profile. >3< Though it seems a little misaligned?
tohoz Report | 02/28/2012 7:49 am
I'm alright, nothing to do cause I just turned in all the assignments that were due :c
tohoz Report | 02/28/2012 7:29 am
ouo hey~
vousmevoyez Report | 02/26/2012 2:37 pm
tumblr themes my god lmao
i tried learning html and uh it's kinda hard actually omg
so i gave up!

i'm good, my addiction to tumblr = gone now so thats the reason why im on gaia now LOL
my break ends today uhuhu, and uh i guess thats it.
and you? :--)
vousmevoyez Report | 02/26/2012 1:44 pm
you're welcome!
yeah, most of them switched over to tumblr - though that's not a surprise, really.

AHAHA yeah, the pd is still preettyy much dead. :l
vousmevoyez Report | 02/26/2012 1:39 pm
hi seri!

if it wasn't for the username i would have been like "lol who are you"
:~) welcome back!