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Gender: Female


I'm hoping you won't wake and notice my absence, but, if you should, I'll be back very soon. I've just gone to the mainland to hunt. Go back to sleep and I'll be here when you wake again. I love you.


I am everything you can imagine.I am every "clique" put together. I have the craziest daydreams, yet I will probably be the one to make the most sense in a conversation. I correct grammar on the daily basis. I have a wonderful, confusing, glorious, irritating, mesmerizing, horrible, breath-taking existence, and yet I want out.
I can be annoying, funny, cruel, crazy, simple-minded, and intimidating all at the same time. I forgive, laugh, and humor easily. I have been called scary, random, weird, odd, unique, stupid, smart, quick, literate, and mean more than a thousand times in my life.
I want to be an astronaut, a vampire, a police officer, a pilot, a lizard, a biologist, an author, a gangster, a pharmacist, a werewolf, a dictator, and a hospitalized nut job. I want to be respected, feared, loved, admired, hated, loathed, ignored, abused, hurt, healed, saved, all for the experience.
I have insane bursts of blood-lust. I make a hobby out of making others uncomfortable. I need to get out more often...
I could just sit here blabbing about myself, giving away all my secrets, but what fun would that be? I won't do that, for the sake of space. Oh! One more thing!!

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