Little Me~ Celestial_Rose_Rush

I'm a rose-
You can't tell me otherwise-
But I have thorns-
As we all do-
Pick me...
If you dare~

I'm not normal-
That's the warning-
Be prepared.
I'll be easy though~
Just and ONLY-
For the new ones~

Dream Avatars~

These are what my Little Me- wants to be~
Not that she doesn't like who she is now- She just likes change- You know? ;3

I have nothing made up yet..

Wanna help make these live?? Try donating~~
**Also, I make avatars for people~ Tell me if you'd like one~ Just send the message. **
The items I need are on my wishlist. *Cough cough*

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Weezing Gecko Report | 07/05/2015 2:40 pm
Well It was a pleasure meeting you haha. xp
Sinful of Lust Report | 08/04/2014 10:11 pm
hey beautiful! heart
A Nobodys Lullaby Report | 02/16/2013 11:49 am
lolz jacob was here!

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Inside of me~

Oh my- Where do I start??


Name: Celest
What My Name Means: From the Heavens~
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 20
Age: 19
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (Boys & Girls)
Where I Was Born: Florida
Where I'm From: Georiga
Where I'm Currently At: Colorado
Biggest Pet-Peeve: Lies/Lying/Liars
Zodiac: Gemini
Overall Personality: Outgoing & Flirty
Work: I work at every breakfast joint ever.

Social Medias- ;3

Facebook: **Specifically Ask Me
GaiaOnline: You're On It- SURPRISE!!
SnapChat: CelestialRush
Kik: CelestialRush
Skype: **Ask Me
Phone Number: **Ask And You Might Get It


Color: Red
Color Combination: Red & Black/ White & Black/ Pink & Black
Number: 48
Mythical Creature: Angels (They're mythical right??)
Type of Book: Romance & Mystery
Type of Movie: Scary/Horror
Pick-Up Line: "Hi, I lost my number, can I have yours?"
Body Part: Eyes
Song: Too many- Lidia (Highly Suspect) ((That's just one...))
Band: Too Many... Panic! at the Disco...
Flower: Rose
Gemstone: Ruby & Pearl
Animal: Wolf & Panda
Season: Fall/ Autumn
Element: Water/ Ice
Candy: Those Filled Twizzler Bits or Twix
Hobby: Writing & Singing
Letter: X
Cake: Red Velvet
Word: None.....
Thing That My Friend's Mom/Dad Makes: Poppy Seed Chicken or Death by Chocolate
Fruit: Strawberry/Raspberry/Coconut
Quote: "Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken."

Least Favorites.....-

Color: Orange
Number: 72
Word: Kinky
Food: Apples
Type of Book: History
Subject: History
Animal: Shark
Body Part: Salavia (I know it's not a "part" but still...)
Type of Person: Liar
Zodiac: Opyicus (Only becasue it's new >< wink
Question: "So.....?" (I use it though!)
Random Thing: Pop-ups
Type of Pop-Tart: Blueberry
Letter: H
Symbol: Percent Symbol (%)
Sweet Thing: Sugar free sweet things.... >>
Cookie: Sugar.... It needs chocolate
Quote: "No."

People In My Life That I LOVE <3

- Brianna (Best Friend)
- Jon (Best Friend/Secret Lover)
- Brigitte (Best Friend)
- Kyle (RedXIII_Tiger) (Husband)
- My Grandma (Lucille)
- Atlas (My Husky)
- Sterling (My Car)

** If I didn't mention you and you got offended- Then you know you belong on here. Message me and I'll add you right away~

How I See Myself

I feel as though I know A LOT, but I'm sure I don't know as much as I know.... I'm overly protective when it comes to those I love: especially my friends. (I'd do anything for those I love.) I believe that I'm a tough person that can stand up to anyone when it comes down to it. I don't care what others think of me (Other than friends that is-). I'm weird, I like crazy things that few people like- Or so I think. I use the word Different~ I'm emotional and take most things to heart, but I'm a strong person all-together. If I could use one word to describe myself. It would have to be: Celest!

And I believe that's it. If you think I missed something or would like to see something else included, just message me and I'll get to work on it. ^w^

**All the pictures you see are me. Mostly current.